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Websites General Directory is a space to help you manage all your doubts about Internet service accounts. Can’t access email or social networks? Stay tuned that our experts will help you at all times!

User accounts are those records that have been stored in the different web services on the internet. These records contain personal data of those people who want to use this type of web page in a more personal way. In order to create a unique and personalized user profile, it is necessary to go through the process of creating an account.

Generally, when creating an account or registering a profile, it is necessary to provide a series of data that may vary depending on the platform or the type of account that is going to be used. In any case, there is a series of data that are usually common:

  • Personal data : name and surname, date of birth, country…
  • Verification data : an email and a telephone number are usually requested, which, in addition to verifying the account, will serve to recover it in the event of loss
  • User and password : the user must decide the name with which he wants to appear in the account as well as the password to access it

The accounts can usually be created from the computer by accessing the web page from which you want to register the profile or from the mobile phone through the official applications.

Types of accounts and services

The wide universe that is the internet today allows users to access a multitude of different services, which has caused competition to intensify. That is why you can find different platforms offering the same service, but with different options to attract as many users as possible. Among the services that you can find on the internet, the most common are the following:


Another of the most used services on the internet is email . An essential service to be able to establish communication on the Internet with practically any user, organization, company or provider. In fact, its importance is such that many platforms will request a valid email to be able to create an account and access their services. Some of the most important email services are:

  • Outlook/Hotmail : Previously known as Hotmail, it is a service that belongs to the giant Microsoft. Having an email account in Outlook will give you access to other services like OneDrive. It offers advanced options to manage your mail intelligently and an attractive interface. You can also use it both on your computer and on your Android and iOS phone.
    Create an account
    Login to Hotmail
    Delete account
    Recover account
    Change Password
  • Yahoo! : Launched in 1995, it is one of the oldest email services. They are only outnumbered by Gmail and Outlook users. Over time, it has managed to expand the content by also offering a portal where you can consult news, including a search engine. Use it from your computer or from your Android and iOS smartphone.
    Create an account or register a Yahoo mail
  • Gmail : Belonging to Google, it is one of the most used email services since by creating an account, it allows access to a multitude of services such as YouTube, Pinterest or Google Play (Android application store). You can use it from your computer or from your Android and iOS mobile phone.
    Create an account or register an email in Gmail

Social networks

They are one of the star services given the large number of users who access them every day. Today, practically anyone with internet access has created a social profile on one of the most famous social networks of the moment (including WhatsApp Plus , based on WhatsApp ). The rise of social networks, motivated by the ease with which communication between contacts takes place, as well as by the possibility of expanding the social circle, has meant that new accounts are created every day, thus increasing the user traffic that circulates through they. The most popular social networks at the moment are:

  • Facebook : Since its launch in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, its popularity has not stopped increasing, especially since the acquisition of Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. You can access it from your computer, or from your Android or iOS mobile phone through the official application.
    Create an account or sign up for Facebook
  • Instagram : the photographic social network par excellence, owned by Facebook, is a service that allows users to display any type of publication in the form of an image, adding hashtags to share it with other users. It recently added new features such as the ability to create stories, image sequences or videos. It is a service that you can use from your Android or iOS smartphone.
    Create an account or register on Instagram
  • Snapchat : the particularity of this social network is that the publications, whether they are messages or videos, will only be available for a short period of time after which they will self-destruct. On the other hand, it turns out to be a very fun social network given the large number of filters and effects that you can add to your publications, to give them a more creative touch. You can enjoy it on Android and iOS smartphones.
    Create an account or sign up for Snapchat


They are usually included within social networks, although they are services aimed at meeting people with the intention of getting a date. By creating an account on an online dating service, you will have access to other user profiles. These web services relate the information provided in terms of personal preferences and tastes to search for compatible users with whom to start a conversation and maintain contact. The most used online dating services are:

  • Tinder : This is one of the best-known applications in online dating services, although a version for browsers has been available for a short time. Belonging to Match, Tinder works by creating user accounts that set a profile picture which is shown to other members who decide whether they like it or not by swiping left or right. If there is a mutual interest, you can start a conversation.
    Create an account or sign up for Tinder
  • POF : This is another of the most popular online dating services also known by the full name Plenty of Fish. With more than 15 years of experience, it has not stopped increasing its number of users, especially since it was acquired by the Match company. You can use it through the mobile device or the computer platform.
    Create an account or sign up for POF
  • Badoo : One of the best-known online dating services, on a par with other greats like Tinder. It works through the creation of profiles detailing personal data and preferences as well as images. Browsing the platform you can decide which profiles interest you and mark it by clicking on a heart. If two profiles match, contact between them will be initiated. You can use this service from the web version for computers as well as the versions for mobile phones.
    Create an account or sign up for Badoo


Other platforms with a large number of users are those that provide streaming services . By using it, anyone who has previously created an account will be able to access a wide catalog of multimedia content that they can view or listen to from the device of their choice, without having to download it. Accounts can be free or require the payment of a monthly fee. The most famous streaming platforms are the following.

  • Netflix : Probably this is, today, the most demanded service when it comes to enjoying the best series and movies in streaming. Despite the fact that Netflix originally offered movie rentals in physical format, its evolution has led it to become one of the biggest giants in streaming video content. Its use requires the payment of a monthly fee whose price will depend on the plan you choose, and this will allow you to view the content on a certain number of screens.
    How to create an account or sign up for Netflix
  • Spotify : One of the most famous services specializing in streaming music, which offers one of the largest music catalogs in the world. Its excellent organization by categories allows you to find music of all styles. It even allows you to find lists specially designed for specific moments or moods. There is a free version and a “Premium” version. It includes versions to use in web version, computer or mobile phones.
    How to create an account or sign up for Spotify

file storage

The storage of files in the cloud is a service that is increasingly demanded by Internet users. The main advantage lies in the fact that it is not necessary to consume computer storage, offering immediate availability of the same and maximum security and privacy of the same.

  • Mega : This online storage service not only allows you to save space on your device but also makes it easy to share your files with any other user. One of the main advantages of this service is that it has security encryption that will protect the information you store. It offers different price plans so you can find the one that best suits your needs and allows automatic synchronization between different devices.
    Create an account or sign up for Mega