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What does 420 mean on Tinder, the weed code!

Tinder is an app that is used to find people with similar tastes to yours, in this case, due to the laws in some countries, cannabis lovers They have chosen to put the number 420 (or also the 710 24/7) in their profiles when making themselves known to the rest by publishing said code both in Twitter Facebook and other social networks.

This number is not random and has a very interesting origin, so if you want to know where the code 420 on Tinder and its evolution we invite you to discover it with us.

world cannabis day

This event is held on April 20th (04/20) and taking into account that, as we will see later, it has its origin in America and in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the month is usually written before the day, it is known as 420, being a special day for all lovers and consumers of this plant. world level

Origin of the number

Many stories are told about why this particular day was chosen as official, but the most famous is the one about a Californian gang from the 70s, called «the Waldos«, which met every day at 4:20 in the afternoon to smoke. This same band is said to have had a great deal of influence in magnifying said legend by telling a story of how they found a marijuana plantation thanks to a map, and decided to use as code 420to indicate the time they would go to the agreed place.

Over time the story became legend and many people started using 420 to indicate that they either supported the use of cannabis or went to smoke at their favorite place.

Change for 710

Although many people misuse it, the code 710 on Tinder is also quite common, although in theory, it is used more to refer to the consumption of CBD oils either “dabbing«, and its origin came thanks to Tasrok, a businessman and DJ who years ago popularized the use of 710 to refer to cannabis, because its pronunciation is similar to «oil»(oil in English).

How to update your information on Tinder

Now that you know how to identify yourself with people who like the same things as you without breaking the rules, we will teach you how to modify your bio so that you can enter your code 420/710 on Tinder:

  1. open the Tinder app and click on your profile, on the stick figure icon.
  2. Click on «edit information” and in “about» complete your profile by writing what you want.
  3. Clever!

now you can start a conversation on Tinder with people who have similar interests to you, perhaps related to this “mysterious” code 420. Do you want even more fun? Do not miss our guide to access free tinder gold many more features and benefits to meet your special someone!