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How to activate Office 365

Office 365 It is one of the star tools of Windows, replacing the well-known Office package, offering a version completely in the cloud and without the need to download anything, using our Microsoft account. IF you already have your product key, we will show you how to activate office 365 so you can enjoy all its advantages right away.

Activate an account without Office 365 installed

  1. Sign in with your Microsoft account at
  2. If you do not have the Microsoft account created, you must first go here
  3. When you can log in to the Office website, you will see something like the above. You can choose to install the program or buy it, if you don’t have the license yet.
  4. We opted to install it in this case, and once the executable is downloaded and opened, it will ask you for the licence key once the installation is complete. Sometimes it may not ask you until you open an application from the Office suite.
  5. If you choose online, a new tab will open, keep the product key to activate Office 365 and follow the wizard instructions.

Activate an account with Office 365 preinstalled

This is the case especially if you have bought a Windows computer, such as a laptop Surface for example, since it comes by default with office 365in this case you will not need to download it.

  1. You’ll see this screen when you first open Office. Here it already depends if you have the key or need to buy it. If you already have it, enter it in the box below.
  2. This also works if you already had an account. office 365 and you need to move it to a new device. Normally at sign in with your Windows account it should activate automatically.

Are Microsoft 365 and Office 365 the same thing?

It could confuse you since they have similar names, but they are two different things:

  • office 365 includes the entire Office suite; Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word, etc. and allows you to save it in the cloud and log in from any device.
  • Microsoft 365 is your Windows account, with your PIN associated with your device, with which you can enter and the accounts of other associated Windows products such as OneDrive, Office, Skypeetc.
  • Therefore, they are similar in that both are included in the Windows system, being Microsoft 365 the main account, which you can use to access Office.