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What is Meetic Affinity?

meetic was created in 2001 and since 2013 it is part of the conglomerate, expanding its offers, especially with the inclusion of the well-known Meetic Affinitya complementary service that undoubtedly makes find a partner online be even simpler with all the tools they provide us.

Differences between Meetic and Meetic Affinity

At first glance, they could appear to be two identical websites, sharing the same brand name and belonging to the same company, however, there are subtle differences in Meetic Affinity that offer us many advantages:

  • In Meetic Affinity we must make a prior affinity test and according to said test they will propose contacts to us. Contrary to Meetic, we will have to carry out searches according to what may interest us most (age, residence, tastes, etc.).
  • The memberships on both sites are differentbeing able to even create two accounts on the two websites without any problem.
  • affinity is maybe a bit cheaper than meetic in terms of membership, depending on your search preferences or if you prefer not to leave everything to the judgment of the personality test.

How Meetic Affinity works

  1. This website is still a contact page, so to enter we must go through a well-known process.
  2. Once you fill in your data you will enter the test, which you must complete step by step and press «to accept» in each part of the test.
  3. As you can see, many topics are touched on to be able to filter all profiles to the maximumso please take it patiently.
  4. When you have finished you will get a list with a series of contacts according to the answers you have been giving in the test.
  5. entering any of the profiles You will be able to see in detail how you agree, their personal message and their photos, although the latter only if you become a VIP.
  6. come out several options like showing your photo to this specific contact, adding them to your favorites or writing them a message, although they probably won’t be able to read it if they’re not VIP.
  7. At the top right, if you click on the red button, it will take you to the memberships in Meetic Affinity.
  8. You will see several payment options as well as the benefits of being vipwhich basically allow you to send and receive messages without limitations, which with the free membership you could only send to certain users.

Can Meetic Affinity be used for free?

Although it is true that registration is completely free and you will only need a valid email address to start using the web. The problem will come if you find a profile that interests you, since in that case it is true that let us send free messages sometimes, but [email protected] They answer you, you won’t be able to read them.

You can always try to contact one of them and see if you are lucky and, in that case, buy the membership, or take advantage of the promotions that they sometimes send to your email from Meetic Affinity.