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How to pay with Paypal on Amazon

PayPal It has become the preferred payment method for many users from various countries due to its ease and speed when using it. The problem comes when we look how to pay with paypal on amazon and use that money we have in our account. Luckily there are several solutions to make your life easier.

Amazon does not allow direct payment with Paypal

The truth is that although the payment methods shown in the screenshot vary from country to country, the option to load balance with PayPal is not offered. This is because, as eBay also belongs to Paypal, Amazon sees it as a competition, and therefore, does not allow its customers to make payments with said account, since the website itself offers its protection in the purchases we make.

Therefore, it is not possible to do it directly with our Paypal account, although we can use certain tricks to spend our Paypal balance and buy Amazon products.

Buy Amazon gift cards

  1. This is perhaps the fastest solution, but it does come with risks, as you will need to find reputable websites that sell you pre-loaded gift cards to use on Amazon.
  2. The websites that you can use for example are Dundle, eGifterY Recharge among others. You must be cautious and take into account your country when buying the card, since, for example, those from Spain will only be valid for, but not for
  3. You can then load the gift voucher by going to My account > Gift vouchers.
  4. You just have to enter the code that will have been sent to you on the website where you bought the Amazon gift card.
  5. Then you will only have to go to the product you want to buy and in the payment methods you will only have to choose to pay with a gift voucher by clicking on “change” or by entering the card code, in case you have not added it to your balance before.

Buy with Paypal on Amazon with a debit card

This option is not valid for all countries, so you will have to see if they offer it for yours. At least for Spain and the United States if it appears, although only for Paypal Businessso it is not clear if they will offer it for personal accounts later.

If you can request it, they offer you a refund of up to 0.1% in various physical establishments if you pay with it, in addition to being able to withdraw your earnings at ATMs with a €2 commission. It’s actually like a Mastercard, which you can add to your balance and pay with paypal on amazon you would with any other card.

Through a trusted friend/exchanger

In various forums people are sometimes offered to exchange Paypal balance for other platforms, or sell their Amazon gift cards. It’s best if it’s someone you know, so you can send them your Paypal balance in exchange for the card.

It’s not the most reliable of methods, and it’s probably a bit more expensive, but to get out of trouble it could be a solution, just research the person well if you ask in a forum, especially if it’s in forobeta or similar, take a look in its reputation and in the transactions carried out.