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How to Backup Hotmail Email (Outlook)

do you use Outlook daily? What would happen if one day you no longer had access to the contents of your mailbox, due to a hack or a technical failure? If your mailbox contains important and relevant messages for you, for your personal, business and professional functions, our recommendation is that you make a backup of your emails at least once a year. Here we will tell you how to make a backup of your Hotmail / Outlook email.

Methods to back up your emails

Create one backup of all your data important in a Hotmail / Outlook webmail account online is always considered a good practice, that’s why we bring you the most effective methods.

From the local Outlook system

The best method for save hotmail emails it is on the local system itself. Although the Outlook Web App offers a typical mailbox export option, it does not guarantee 100% data download. To achieve this, do the following:

  1. create a backup folder from on your hard drive.
  2. Go to your inbox and choose the email you want to save and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. now choose To print and cancel printing.
  4. In the window that displays the message, press Ctrl + S.
  5. go to File > Save As and hit the save as HTML page option.

Save the mail in MSG, TXT or HTML format


The Outlook web platform does not allow you, strictly speaking, to download a message. Therefore, this requires the use of Outlook software.

  1. Opens Outlook and go to the message you want to save.
  2. go to File > Save as in the menu on the left and choose the type of format: MSG, TXT or HTML.
  3. additional note: Please note that the MSG format can only be used in Outlook.

Save the email as a PDF


It is very useful to save some important emails as a PDF document on your computer, please make an individual backup as follows.

  1. Log in in your Outlook email account.
  2. Opens the message you want to save.
  3. Follow the path: File, Archive > print as > Microsoft Print to PDF (either print to pdf)
  4. Press To print and choose where to save the message.
  5. You already have it!

Create a complete backup of your emails


To make a full hotmail/outlook email backup, you must access an email software, in which you will configure your account. In this sense, we recommend that you use Windows Live Mail for this purpose.


  1. Download and install Windows Live Mail
  2. Configure your Hotmail / account in Windows Live Mail
  3. Then all you have to do is start Windows Live Mail and wait for the messages synchronize.

You can restart the software every time you want to make a new Hotmail/Outlook email backup.

Restore a backup in Outlook

As in the previous case, we will need the desktop version of Outlook and our login data. Once we have this, we proceed like this:

  1. go to File > Import/Export and choose «import from another program«.
  2. Give to “Outlook data files (.pst)» and press «Next«.
  3. Load the backup by pressing «review» and then next and to accept.
  4. It will let you choose between restoring several specific folders or the entire tray.
  5. You’ll need to perform these steps each time you want to go back to a previous save point that you’ve previously exported.