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10 best apps for Pinterest

pinterest It is a very powerful social network to enhance your brand image, especially if you know how to take advantage of it, so we are going to leave you with the 10 best apps for Pinterest so that you can get the most out of it.


With various membership plans, Stencil allows us to capture any text and convert it into an image, ideal for, for example, pins on Pinterest with strong messages and good calls to action to get visits,


As you will surely create original content, you will be interested in seeing where those viral pins come from to try to create your own one that is fresher than most. What this website does is search for an image and find the original among all the results, but keep in mind that it may not find it if, for example, the size varies a bit.


It is a tool that will allow you manage your pins and see the visits of each one, their statistics, the followers and even see the repins, comments and, in short, how influential your publication has been.

ibis Paint X

An app that will allow you to edit and draw your own creations from your mobile or tablet. In addition, it has the peculiarity that creations can be shared very easily, making it much easier, for example, that your pins become popular on Pinterest.


This Android app is very useful when it comes to saving your pins or those of other people to share them with your followers and give them much more visibility. It is very easy to use and no registration form required.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

It is a WordPress plugin that will allow you, once you publish your entry, to upload the images to your Pinterest profile, pin them and give your business extra visibility. That is if, in this case, you have to pay the $21 to have access to the plugin for life.

Pinterest Lite

In case you have problems using the normal version, this is much lighter and it will allow you to work much more comfortably on all your projects and focus on your creativity. However, it is only available on Android.


In case you don’t have inspiration to create new outfits, you can always use this iOS appswhich allows you to organize them into categories and shows you different ideas every day, maybe one of them will light the flame and you will come up with your next great pin.


A business-oriented tool that anyone can use to save pinsshare them and even view your stats on various social networks in addition to Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics

An interesting tool freewhich allows you to observe all the traffic of each pin, the followers on your Pinterest profile and quantify each one of the redirections you make from said social network.