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10 Best Blogger Templates

blogging It is the preferred platform of many people dedicated to generating content on the web, so it is very important that the design of the blog is as close as possible to your tastes, for this we are going to leave you with the 10 Best Blogger Templates that we have found on the net.

What is a Blogger template?

It is a set of images and styles designed in XML that contain everything you need so you can start publishing with your new design with just a few clicks.

Characteristics of a good Blogger template

  • Fast charge. The faster the visitor can access the content, the more chances you have of them staying on your blog.
  • SEO optimization. It’s about making your blog more friendly to search engines and they can find your posts more easily.
  • useful tools. Many templates are already integrated with gadgets so that, for example, when publishing several posts, the most visited ones appear in the header.
  • good support. Sometimes something can go wrong, so it doesn’t hurt to talk to the designer for advice.

Video Play

Specialized in websites for videos, integrates perfectly with the skin of YouTube, Vimeo, etc, in case you want to embed them on your website so that your visitors can see them. Bring a gallery menu so you can offer previews of the best videos by category.

Sora Bank

With a lightweight designis blog template It suits many types of Blogs, from finance to news, with various dropdown panels and buttons for easy follow up on social media. It is ideal if you are going to post many entries with a photo and introduction.


Thought for fashion and lifestyle websitesis a template that does not burden the view too much, with a white background ideal for highlighting photos in each of the articles.


It’s designed especially with photography in mind, so it can be ideal if you’re a photographer, graphic designer, or just want to showcase your products in a different way.


Perfect for the most gamers, since it allows you to show your fashion game reviews, or news in general related to the scene. The drop-down menus are large and you can add thumbnails to one of them as highlights.


Optimized for SEO, it allows to reduce the loading speed in addition to offering an elegant design that will serve you for any theme.


Designed for authors who want sell their worksIt could also be worth it if you dedicate yourself to making book reviews and offer your visitors a link to the work, being able to put a top 3 favorite authors in gallery mode.

ViralBuzz Partner

to share all kinds of viral news and videosoffers a simple and effective solution for images to load quickly and to upload them in high quality.

Holiday Blogger

As the name itself indicates, it is a template for blogger that highlights above all the photos above the rest, so it could be useful if you were to write about your vacations, trips, or simply share your photos in case you work as a photographer, designer, etc.


For freelancers, this is definitely the best blogger template of the market, since it allows to show in an orderly way all the services that are offered in addition to showing a portfolio with the most recent works carried out.