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How to block an email (sender) in Hotmail (

Receiving spam emails is very common, especially if you sign up for multiple web sites. That’s why we want to show you how to block an email in hotmail so you can clean your inbox.

How to block a sender in Outlook (Hotmail)

Although the filter provided by this email provider is quite effective in blocking spam, if you want to prevent a sender from sending you emails, you can also avoid it:

  1. get into your inbox of Outlook on the web (if you enter from the desktop you will not get the same options).
  2. Find the spam you want to block and tap on it.

  1. Click on the three dots as in the image and choose «mark as spam» and it will be sent to SPAM, you can also block an email in your hotmail or report such mail to Microsoft.
  2. Once you choose the option, said rule will be saved for the successive shipments you receive from said sender.

How to unblock a sender in Outlook (Hotmail)

If you have made a mistake and want to undo the previous action, it is very simple:

  1. Enter again in Outlook on the web and go to the inbox.

  1. Click on the cogwheel and then on «view all Outlook settings«
  2. In the new window go to Mail > Junk Email and look in the list for the email you want to unblock.
  3. You can either click on the trash can icon or edit it by clicking on the pencil.
  4. Click on «Save» to accept the changes.
  5. Clever!

How to block a sender automatically in Outlook

What we have taught you before works perfectly, but if you want to go a little advanced, there is an option in Outlook called «rules«, which allows you to establish which emails are safe and which are not, so that you do not have to do anything, allowing them to be filtered by keywords, names, etc.

  1. Sign in to your inbox
  2. Look for the toothed wheel that we have shown you before but this time go to Mail > Rules.
  3. Name the rule you are going to create and select the filters.
  4. You can add a condition (that you do not appear as a recipient, that it comes from a particular email, etc.) and an action.
  5. Select what suits you best, which in this case in the actions would be remove either mark as spamso that it does not appear in your outlook inbox.
  6. Click on save and the rule will be active from that moment.
  7. Keep in mind that you can only have one rule active at the same time so as not to create conflicts, if you want to have more than one, simply uncheck the option «stop processing more rules«.
  8. You can also add a exception to said rule, for example, to select whether you want to receive these emails if they are marked as important.

How to create a safe senders list

In this way, in addition to saving you from blocking the Outlook emails you receive, you will know that these emails will never end up in SPAM:

  1. It goes without saying, but you must be sure that these emails are 100% secure and that you have interacted with the sender on more than one occasion.
  2. This is what works in the outlook webnot appearing these options in the Windows app.
  3. Go Settings > View all Outlook settings.
  4. In Mail go to Unwanted email.
  5. You will see a list of safe and blocked domains and email addresses. You can hit add in any of the two lists to add addresses.
  6. The ones you save in safe senders and domains will always go to your inbox, and the ones in blocked domains and senders will always go to SPAM.