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Onedrive for business

OneDrive It is one of the best cloud storage options that Windows offers us in its Office package, integrating itself into many other applications such as Outlook, so that our information is always safe. Therefore it is not surprising that OneDrive be available for Businessallowing greater employee productivity.

Differences between personal and business OneDrive

The main feature, apart from the size of the cloud storage of the versions offered for companies, is that you can choose between using Microsoft servers to store all your data, or, on the contrary, use SharePoint as a serverwhich allows, among other things, to manage the amount of storage data that is given to each employee.

The other difference is that it allows you to access all the content on the OneDrive server even without internetthanks to the fact that a backup copy is saved every time changes are made in real time, so you can access them even when you don’t have a network connection.

Features of OneDrive for Business

Regardless of the membership package you purchase, you can enjoy a series of features once sign in to OneDrive:

  • Known Folder Integration. OneDrive can be easily accessed from the file explorer, and its use is very intuitive.
  • Cloud files on demand. There is the option to only download the files that are needed locally, thus saving space on the personal computer.
  • Permission control on attachments. When sending email, OneDrive allows you to choose who can view or edit that file within your organization.
  • Trash and file restore. In addition to securely deleting them, there is also the option to restore files that have been deleted in the last 30 days.
  • keys for each file. In this way, you will be able to put a password for each file so that only those authorized people can open it.
  • Audits. It allows you to see how many files there are on the network and the accesses and modifications of each one of them.

Advantages of implementing OneDrive

The main idea of ​​OneDrive for companies is to share files among all workers and to create synergies, which is why all these advantages are offered:

  • Access from any platform. As long as you have OneDrive for Business installed, you won’t need anything else, being able to see all the files that are shared simply by logging into your account.
  • Sharing from outside the organization. If you need to send a file to third parties, you can send an email or any other service that is not included in the office package.
  • MicrosoftGraph. This application allows you to sort the files according to their usefulness, so that, for example, if you search for an Excel file related to payroll, the Word document with the payroll to print will appear right next to it.
  • Security. OneDrive for Business has a built-in firewall capable of protecting all documents in the event of a security breach.
  • Version standardization. All shared files use the same version of Word, Excel, etc. to avoid incompatibilities, in addition to mentioning the authorship of each creator of the file.

What is the price of OneDrive for Business?

It can be seen on Microsoft’s own website in the tab «For businesses» if we enter the OneDrive section. The price will change according to our country, being able to choose between several plans by clicking on «buy now«.