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How to change Tinder password

The social media accounts contain personal data that is important to preserve. There are many malicious people who take advantage of the carelessness of other users who do not take into account the security of your account or your access data, so it is very important to carry out the regular password change as a means to prevent third parties from getting into these accounts.

Tinder is one of the most popular platforms, and precisely for this reason, your privacy can be at risk at any time. You may change your password on Tinder easily by following our guide with different methods to change it.

Methods to change your Tinder password

Logging into Tinder is a quick and easy process, plus, you will not always need a passwordthat is, you will not need to change the password in this case, but you could change the method of accessing your account. There are three ways to access Tinder (email, phone and Facebook) being possible to enter with any of them. Follow the steps below to change your Tinder passcode:

Clarification: In case you cannot access your Tinder account, we advise you to read the guide to recover a Tinder account. By following the instructions in that guide, you will be able to regain access to your account and by doing so, set a new password.

Change the login method with Facebook

Practically more than 80% of users use the option “Login with Facebook“. Access to Tinder is done directly with data from the Facebook platform. However, you must be careful, since if someone knows your facebook passwordit will automatically have access to your Tinder profile, and you will have 2 security problems, with Tinder and with Facebook, in this case, change facebook password.

Change login phone number

Instead of password login, it’s a login using the phone number you provided during registration. sign up process on Tinder. However, it is common for the number change or get lost, which makes it impossible to access the account. It may even happen that third parties know this phone number and access your account without difficulty.

Change the password of your access email

It is possible to enter from an email associated with our Tinder, although you should know that anyone who knows said email can enter your account. The most advisable is modify the password linked to the email.

Change Tinder password from PC

Since Tinder does not have a PC version, the only way to change the password is through an emulator. The most recommended in this case is Bluestacks. By imitating the screen of an Android smartphone, you can use Tinder as if you were on your mobile. The password change process will be similar to the one described above. You will be able to use the alternatives of modifying the password of the e-mail, or of the access to Facebook.

Tips to have a strong password on Tinder

All kinds of personal information is stored on Tinder, so if you lose access to Tinder or your account is hacked, they will be able to see your contacts and read all your messages. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we will advise you some methods that will help make your account more secure (all applicable to iOS/Android Tinder apps). Here are some security tips to protect your Tinder account:

  • Modify the password periodically: If you use a password to access Tinder, change it from time to time and remember to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol.
  • Confirm that your password is still valid: in case you do not use the application periodically, we recommend you log in to check that you still have access and that no one has stolen your account.
  • Use password managers: last pass either 1Password are 2 password managers that will help you generate impossible-to-crack passwords and protect your digital accounts and services.

By following these recommendations, you will have a highly secure account. But you shouldn’t neglect her, which is why you should check any Tinder emails to make sure you have maximum security. Never leave any data in plain view, always be careful to close them to improve protection.

Many users have lost access to their accounts due to disregard of security measures. You can avoid this by modifying this password to improve protection.