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How to cancel or void a Paypal payment

PayPal It is the favorite electronic payment method of many people, and with so many transactions, it is normal that there are some errors or that you simply want cancel or void a Paypal payment due to a problem with the seller. Although in principle it is not possible, there are some cases in which it is allowed to recover our money no need to open a dispute on said platform.

Cancel an unclaimed payment

In this case, the seller has not yet received the payment, which can be due to two reasons:

  • Use an unvalidated email account. Paypal as a security measure, asks to use an account without limits, confirm both the mail and the card associated with said account. In the event that one of these two things is missing, although it is possible to open the account, the money cannot be received in it.
  • The email associated with Paypal does not exist. This is the most extreme case, since either the email has been misspelled, or the person does not have it associated with their Paypal yet. At the time you do, you would receive the money, but right now, you could claim the full amount.

For cancel said payment in Paypal:

  1. Log in with your usual email and password.
  2. Access the account activityin this window you will see all your recent transactions.
  3. You may filter all your payments from the search engine, by date or adding some of the filters and even searching for keywords such as the seller’s name.
  4. Once you find it, click on «Cancel» that will appear next to the transaction.
  5. Confirm to cancel your payment.
  6. It can take up to 30 days for the money to appear in your account if it has been charged to a debit/credit card.
  7. If you do not get out of this option, it means that the seller has already received his money, so you will have to start a claim to reimburse you the money, although since PayPal First, they advise trying to speak privately with that person to solve it, and by the way, you can put it as proof once you submit the refund request.

Cancel an automatic payment from Paypal

  1. Sign in to your Paypal account and go to the «Setting» on the gear wheel.
  2. Then click on the «Payments» and below where it says «automatic payments» click on «Watch«.
  3. Be sure to check where it says “show assets» and you will see a list of automatic payments.
  4. Click on the seller that interests you and click on «Cancel» on the right side of the screen.
  5. Confirm by clicking on the blue button. Remember that you must do it 1 day before the next payment, otherwise, you could still be charged.

Cancel a bank transfer from Paypal

In the event that we have requested a withdrawal of funds from our paypa accountl to the bank that we have associated, we are sorry to tell you that it is not possible to cancel said transaction. If your money is still not shown in your bank account, we recommend that you contact the paypal customer service to review your case.

  1. The easiest way to do this is to go to resolution center
  2. And click on «report a problem«, selecting the transaction to which you refer.
  3. If everything goes as it should, in a short time Paypal will give you their answer.