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How to delete a Netflix account or cancel the subscription

Recently Netflix is ​​no longer the streaming leader a la carte, emerging companies like Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney+, YouTube TV and many more, offering similar or better services than Netflix. For this reason or another, many people have decided unsubscribe to Netflix or delete account of said platform.

Canceling your Netflix subscription is relatively simple, but you should know that your subscription contract stated that your data will remain on Netflix for 10 months until it is permanently deleted (this is in case you want to return to the service). As of today, there is no method to delete your data instantly when canceling your subscription, if you contact support directly from the “Help Center”, it is possible that the customer service will speed up the final cancellation of the Netflix account .

Cancel a Netflix subscription

Netflix allows its users to cancel their plans at any time, and even if the expiration date of your plan has not yet arrived and you decide to cancel it before, you will be able to continue using your subscription until reaching the final expiration date. However, remember that you have a free month on netflixcheck that you are not yet in the trial period before canceling!

Here are the steps to unsubscribe:

  1. Enter the link to start the unsubscribe.
  2. Press the blue button “end cancellation“.
    Delete Netflix account screen
  3. Your account will not be renewed after your current subscription expires.


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Another method to cancel your subscription to the Netflix plan, just as simple, is to go to bill and click on “Cancel membership“ to cancel the plan.

How to cancel Netflix from mobile (iOS&Android)

For cancel your Netflix subscription using your iPhone or smartphone you should proceed as follows:

  • Sign in to your netflix account and in the upper right corner click on your profile picture and go to account.

Netflix delete account screen

  • Now just click on cancel subscription > end cancellationjust like in the previous steps.

Delete a Netflix account permanently

One time canceled your subscription plan from Netflix, you must wait at least 10 months for the system to permanently delete your account. To expedite the process of completely deleting your account, you can contact [email protected] and tell them to delete all your data upon receiving the message. Said message, to request the definitive cancellation of the account, could be something like the following example:

  • Message Subject: “Delete account permanently when receiving this email”
  • Message recipient: «[email protected]»
  • message content:
    Hello, my full name is XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX and my email is [email protected] I request the deletion of my Netflix account, including my viewing history and data linked to my account. I am aware that I will lose my bookmarks, history, user profiles and other information related to my account.

This step is also valid if you want delete a Netflix account that you have not activatedthat is, for which you have not paid a subscription/plan.


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Delete profile within an account on Netflix

In case you want to keep your Netflix subscription and account, but want to delete a user profile (very useful if you share the account with other people), this guide is for you. Here are steps to remove a profile from your account:

  1. Go to «Profile Manager” in
  2. Click on it pencil iconjust below the profile picture you want to delete.
  3. Click on «delete profile«.
    Netflix delete account screen
    Delete Netflix account screen
  4. Confirm the deletion of the profile by pressing again on «Delete profile”.

When the profile is deleted, the playback history, favorites, ratings, and all activity on that profile will be deleted. Remember that you will not be able to go back once this action is doneeverything will be lost and even if you contact Netflix support for help, they will tell you that the information has been permanently deleted.

Reasons to delete a Netflix account

Deleting a Netflix account is normal, many users do it, and they all have their reasons, but if you still can’t decide, we have compiled a list of the most common reasons why Netflix users request to cancel their accounts and delete their data . Here are some common reasons for canceling an account:

  • scarce catalog: It is likely that what Netflix offers does not attract you, or that you may like more series like Game of Thrones (exclusive to HBO) or you simply cannot find interesting movies or series to watch.
  • Price of the plans: Netflix raises its prices at least twice a year, partly due to the costs of producing new series and expanding its exclusive catalog, so even the “Basic” plan is often out of budget or not worth it.
  • don’t use it: Many users delete their accounts because they do not have enough time to watch the series or movies that Netflix offers.
  • slow connection: Netflix requires a high-speed connection, and if this is not your case, it is likely that your experience within the platform will not be good and you will want to cancel your subscription, it is logical!, but also, many users have reported that their service providers They slow down their connection speed when they detect that they consume Netflix videos, unfortunate, but it happens!
  • Alternatives: The competition is fiercer every day, there are many streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney+, Hulu, Movistar+, Rakuten, Sky, among others. In the end, users look for the best catalog and it may not be on Netflix.


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Finally, remind you that even if you cancel or delete your Netflix account, you can always return to create a new account As if nothing had happened, don’t forget it!