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CC and BCC: What it means and how to use it in Hotmail (

Perhaps you have ever come across some fields called CC and BCC in your emails. In case you send a lot of mass emails, it is useful for you to know the difference between CC and BCC in Outlook Y how to use them correctly.

It means cc”

Abbreviations Cc stand for “Carbon Copy” referring to the carbon sheet that we used in the past when writing on a manual typewriter.

When you send an email including addresses in the Cc field, what you get is that a copy is sent to those recipients and they receive a response if the option «Answer everyone«, without the need for you to send a separate email to each one. In this case, the CC email addresses will be visible to everyone included in the conversation.

What does “CCO” mean?


in an email Hotmail / Outlook and on any other email provider, CCO stands for “Invisible Carbon Copy”.

This field is used similarly to the Cc field, except that the addresses entered by the sender of the email in the BCC field are not visible in the other recipients’ “To” or “Cc” copy of the email. This includes the email address of other recipients who have also been classified in the BCC field.

How to use “CC” and “CCo” in Hotmail / Outlook

Now that you know the real meaning of the CC and CCo options in sending your Hotmail / Outlook emailswe will explain step by step how to use it to send your emails, as the case may be.

  1. Create a new draft email in Hotmail / Outlook
  2. You will see that the field “For” and apart you will see on the left side of the screen the optional fields “DC” Y “BCC
  3. Choose the option that you want to use, according to the situation of each email message
  4. When you choose it you will see that a new field is created where you must place the email address in question
  5. If you want to keep this field visible, click on the option “Show BCC field”

Reasons to use “BCC” in your emails

Learn the reasons to use the BCC option in your emails in Outlook.

  • Privacy: You must not disclose the email addresses of people who do not wish to be identified.
  • prevent spam: Spammers are a factor in stalking email addresses for spamming or spam.
  • Protect yourself against viruses: Prevents the possibility that malicious individuals or criminal netizens with viruses could gain access to the “To” and “Cc” fields.

As you have seen, the use of the Cc and Bcc fields are really very easy to use in Hotmail / Outlook, just like any other email provider. Just make sure, according to the importance of these two functions, to give each one the proper use, especially when it comes to maintaining the privacy of some people. Always remember make a backup of your emails in Hotmail/Outlook from time to time, so that all those shipments never get lost.