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How to change the alternative or recovery email in Hotmail (Outlook)

There are times when it might be interesting to have a secondary email in Outlookwell in case we forget the password or our account is hacked, for that reason, the interesting thing is change alternate email in Outlook/Hotmail to one that we have active.

If you want to know how to do it correctly, you can consult our small guide to change secondary mail in outlook in simple steps and not take surprises in the process.

Change alternate mail in Outlook from desktop

Before continuing, remember that you must have access to the email you enter, otherwise it will be impossible for you to verify your identity:

  1. Sign in to and go to the inbox.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and choose «My Microsoft account«.

  1. Go down to the bottom and in «Update security information” give to “To update«.

  1. Now choose «Advanced security options«.

  1. Search “add a new login or verification method» or in «add security info» if you don’t have any email.

  1. Click on «sending a code by email» to go to the next field and enter your alternative email address.
  2. You will receive a code in said email What will you have to put on the website? Outlook.
  3. Once you have finished this step mail will be confirmed and you can use it if necessary.

Change alternative email in Outlook from the app

First you will need to have the app installed on either Android or iOS:

developer: unknown
Price: Free

‎Microsoft Outlook
‎Microsoft Outlook
  1. Click on your profile picture and then go to account settings > security and password
  2. Click on add a new email address. You will receive a code in your new email that you must validate.
  3. Once you put it in Outlook this email will be added to your account.

Utility of an alternative email

As we have already said, you will need to use a secondary mail in outlook in case you lose access to your account and it can be a good option in case both the mobile and other access methods are not available to you and it only requires an Internet connection to receive said code.

Also in case access to your main email is stolen, you will be able to recover your Outlook account simply proving that you are the owner of said secondary email will give you access to your inbox again.