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How to change the language of Facebook from English to Spanish

Facebook is an international social network, so far reaching and with such a diversity of countries, that this translated into hundreds of languages, the most popular being English and Spanish. It is possible that both the menu and the tabs of Facebook (come on, the interface, both on mobile and on PC) appear in English, meaning that users who are not used to using it do not feel comfortable and have difficulty moving around the interface .

You can change the language of Facebook from English to Spanish (or vice versa), and it can be done from any terminal and very easily, you can even switch to other types of languages ​​if you feel curious or to get used to using a new language. In any case, when you finish reading us, you will know how to remove the English language from your Facebook to put it in the language of Cervantes. Next, the exact steps to modify the language, leaving Spanish by default.

Note: The language is only changed on the device you’re signing in from, so you’ll need to repeat this process on each new device if you want to have the same language settings.

How to change the language of Facebook on the mobile phone

To ensure that you can use your mobile on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) and login to facebook in spanish or in any other language, we will tell you how to do it according to the operating system used by each of them, since the procedure changes a bit.

On Facebook for Android:

  1. Access the Facebook application.
  2. Click on the three horizontal bars above.
  3. go to Settings & privacy > language

    Change language on Facebook.
  4. choose Spanish or if it is the language that your mobile brings by default, you can also give DeviceLanguage.

    Facebook language change
    Change language on Facebook.

  5. Give it a few seconds to change the language of the entire Facebook interface and restart the application or your phone (if necessary).

When you enter again, Facebook should appear in Spanish (or the language chosen in the configuration), both in the navigation menus and in the configuration panels. How simple, right? 😉

On Facebook for iOS:

In the case of iOS mobiles, the way of doing it changes somewhat, since, for example, the menu is at the bottom.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your cell phone with iOS (it works for both iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines below.
  3. then go to Settings & Privacy>App Language

    Change language on Facebook
    Change language on Facebook.

  4. You can choose between Spanish, Spanish (Spain) or «Use phone language«, in case it came like this by default.
  5. Confirm by clicking on “change to Spanish” and wait for it to come out Updating and restarting.
  6. The application will close, opening it again will show everything in the new selected language.

Facebook on mobile browsers:

Changing the language of Facebook from a mobile browser is very simple; you just have to access and choose the language that suits us best.

How to change the language of Facebook on a PC

  1. Access the facebook settings in from the menu on the right, if you click on the blue arrow you will get the option to Settings.
  2. then go to Language and region.
  3. Enter the option facebook language or you can give Edit to get to the same place.
  4. Look for Spanish in the available languages ​​and click on Save Changes to save the changes.

Another quick way to put another language on Facebook is to go down and right after where it says People you may know on the right is English (UK), English (USA) and Spanish. If you click on the latter it will change automatically once you click on Change language. This works on any device and browser.

Change the language of official Facebook translations

Sometimes Facebook shows translations of posts or news, this is very common if you have a range of friends who speak many languages. To change this option, you can try this from any mobile device or computer:

  • from PC: Settings > Language and region > Language you’d like your posts to be translated into.
  • From Android and iOS: Options > Settings and Privacy > Settings > Language > Language you would like the posts to be translated into.

Once finished, the publications you receive will arrive in the language you indicate, although it is also true that Facebook gives you the option of showing the original version each time you browse each one of them. With this you will already be an expert in Facebook languages ​​😉! So all that remains is for you to enjoy this social network with your friends.