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How to change the name of a page (fanpage) on Facebook

It is no secret to anyone that reinventing our personal projects to adapt them to internet trends is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies; surely yes you created a facebook page, it is certain that over time it will need changes to adapt even better to the type of public to which it is directed. Consequently, you will need a step guide to change and modernize the name of a page (fanpage) on Facebook quicklysimple and effective.

Discover how to change the name of your Facebook page or fanpage easily

Update your fanpage name it will bring great benefits to your company, entrepreneurship or social page; Among the highlights is informing your followers that big changes are coming to your projects. If you still don’t know how to change the name of your page or fanpage on Facebook, don’t worry; There are two methods by which you can do it without any problem, below we make sure to explain in detail how to achieve it through your computer or smartphone.

Method from the computer

Change the name of your fanpage on Facebook through your computer is a very effective and easy method to perform; the procedure may vary with the mobile method, however the result is as expected if you follow the appropriate step guide for the task.

  1. Log in to the account that manages your page on Facebook.
  2. Click on the icon “pages” represented by an orange flag; located on the left sidebar of your screen.
  3. go to the page to which you want to change the name by pressing the profile picture of it.Change name to Facebook fanpage
  4. In the options bar on the left side of the screen, you must locate the option to “Settings and privacy”.
  5. Click on “Setting”.
  6. In section “General” you will see the text box with the name of your page; configure the name by typing the new name in the indicated box.Change fanpage name on Facebook
  7. To finish the process you will only have to confirm your decision by clicking on “Request change”.

Method from the smartphone

The method for change the name of your facebook fanpage through your smartphone or tablet is just as simple as that done through a computer; Although the steps may seem to be the same, the truth is that in the app for mobile devices these may change a bit. Therefore, you will need the following steps to achieve the objective correctly.

  1. Sign in to the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Click on the icon “menu” represented by 3 horizontal lines; located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the icon “Pages”.
  4. Go to the profile of the Page you want to rename.
  5. Select the option of “setting” or the gear icon located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  6. In the list of settings you should go to the session of “Page information”.
  7. In the new section you will see a box that indicates the name of your page; there adjust and change the name of the fanpage and click on “Continue”.
  8. Finish the process by selecting the option “Request change”. And ready!

It is important to highlight that once you have made the name change to the Facebook fanpage, the social platform will prevent a new change from being made for the next 7 days. That is, if you have made a mistake with the name of the page, you will have to wait 7 days to make the necessary changes again.