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How to change snapchat password

Usually after using Snapchat over a period of time, it is recommended change access password to create a more secure one or because you have been able to detect a third-party intrusion.

There are two ways to modify the password, the first option requires access to the official page and the second you must do it from the official application. In this guide we will explain the procedures for change snapchat password and prevent access to other people or lose the account.

Change Snapchat password from the official website

If you’re on a PC or just have a browser nearby, you can change your Snapchat password from the web page. Here are the steps to change the password from the official website:

  • Accede to from the browser (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, etc).
  • Log in: you must enter your username or email and password. Press the yellow button «Log in«.
  • will ask you Current password in the first box and in the next box you can write your New Password (a combination of symbols, numbers and letters in 8-10 characters in length is recommended). in the next box repeat the new password to confirm. Press the yellow button “Change Password”.
    Snapchat change password screen
  • Password changed! You will be able to see a password change confirmation notice successfully.
    Change Snapchat Passcode Screen
    Snapchat change password screen

You can sign in to Snapchat again from any browser or from the applications for mobile devices, you just have to remember to enter the new password.

Change Snapchat Password from Android/iOS

Modifying the password from the application is a fast and efficient method, you can use the Android or iOS application and change it from a special section. Here are the steps to change your password from a mobile device:

  1. Download and install the official Snapchat app (if you have it installed, you can skip this step):
    1. Snapchat for Android:
      developer: unknown
      Price: Free

    2. Snapchat for iOS:
      developer: snap, inc.
      Price: Free+

  2. Opens the Snapchat app.
  3. I know will automatically log you inbut otherwise, if it is the first time you install the application, you must log in with your username or email and password.
  4. press on the user/profile iconappears at the top left.
  5. Press the gear iconappears at the top right, you will access the application settings menu.
    Change Snapchat Passcode Screen
    Snapchat change password screen
  6. Click on «Password«.
    Change Snapchat Passcode Screen
    Snapchat change password screen
  7. Enter your Current password and press «Continue«.
  8. Enter the New Password For your account, for added security, use a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, special symbols, and numbers. Repeat it again to confirm. Press the button “Save» to register the new password.
    Change Snapchat Passcode Screen
    Snapchat change password screen
  9. Congratulations! A password change confirmation notice will appear.Your password has been updated«.
    Change Snapchat Passcode Screen
    Snapchat change password screen

You will receive an email at the address linked to your account to notify you that the password modification has been carried out correctly. Remember that you must sign in to Snapchat with the new password, the old one has become obsolete.

Safety tips to keep in mind

Change password on Snapchat -or any service- usually will keep your account protected against intruders or people who try to impersonate your identity. Always use a safe combination and add recovery information for better security. Here are some tips that can help you avoid losing your account or having security problems:

  • Avoid using personal information when creating the password: nothing related to birthday, telephone, name and surname, cities that have to do with you or any other data easily identifiable with you.
  • Simple but secure password: enter a password that you can easily remember but that it is not easy to guess by third parties.
  • Do not repeat the same password between services: do not choose the same password for different services, or use the same password to access your email.
  • strong password: use more than 8 characters in length and include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol, this will make the key you choose indecipherable and secure.
  • password managers: We understand that an extremely strong password is difficult to remember, and that is why we recommend you use centralized password managers, such as last pass either 1Password.

By following these simple tips, your password will be more secure and you will make it difficult for other people to access your account, allowing you to calmly enjoy all the options offered by the ghost application, Snapchat. If you have any problems with access, we invite you to follow our guide to recover your snapchat account in easy steps.