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How to change Spotify password

Spotify It is the leading music streaming service, even ahead of YouTube Music or Apple Music. It has a catalog with millions of songs categorized by genres, it has even created personalized lists based on moods or daily activities.

If you want to have access to a spotify account You must have a secure password to prevent access to third parties. The password change in Spotify It is a simple process that will only take a few minutes. But you must do it with certain periodicity to keep safe your account.

Change Spotify password from a web browser

You can always modify the access or personal data of your account, you only have to be a “Premium” subscriber or have a “Free” account. The process is quite simple, you will only need a PC (Windows, MacOS or Linux) with a web browser. Here are the steps to modify your password:

  1. go to
  2. Log in on spotify with your access data (email address or username and password) or use your Facebook account.
  3. Once logged in, a screen will appear (in case of not automatically accessing, the path is «Profile» > «Account» > «Change password») with a form, enter your current password, new password, and repeat the new password (we recommend you use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol for a more secure password). Press «Set new password«.
  4. Clever! your Spotify account is more secure, the password change will be successful.

After completing the process you will receive an email to confirm the change of password. From now on, you must use the new password to access, whatever the device. The previous password will have been disabled, in case you want to use it again you must do the password change process again, putting the old one.

Change Spotify password without knowing the current password

If you want to change your password, but you don’t remember the current password, you should know that it is a necessary requirement to be able to update to a new password. Although there is the option of performing a password reset using email. Here are the steps to change your account password without remembering the current one:

  • go to
  • Enter your Email address or you Username.
  • Press «Send«.
  • Check your email: You will receive a message with the title “Reset your password”. Click on the link “Reset password”. If you do not find this email, you should check the spam or junk mail folder, you can also repeat the process request a new recovery message.
  • Please enter a New Password, without having to enter the previous one. Type it twice to confirm, press «I am not a robot» (it is to prevent income from automated bots) and then press «Send«.
  • Congratulations! you have just changed Spotify password successfully.

If you do not have access to email or do not remember the username you must contact Spotify support team or access with your Facebook account, provided that you have registered the account with your profile on said social network.

Change Spotify password linked with Facebook

You may create a new Spotify account with Facebook, being a quick process and also that it allows you to know which friends also use Spotify, pure advantages!, and also, they will not ask you for a password when you start the session. However, you should know that Spotify saves the email you use to access Facebook, this is in case you have problems in the future and want to recover the account or change the password, you will use this email account.

Problems with your Facebook account too? What a bad luck! don’t worry, to access your Facebook account you must read our guide to recover a Facebook account or change the Facebook password, so you can recover the access data and finally use Facebook to regain access to the Spotify account.

Change Spotify Password on Android/iOS

Spotify has applications for all kinds of devices and they are all very easy to use, but you should know that it is not possible to change the password from the mobile applications. To change your password you must use a web browser from any device. Here are the steps to change your password from a browser:

  1. go to from your browser mobile.
  2. Login on the Spotify page.
  3. From the menu that will open, choose “Account overview” or “Account” and press “Change Password«.
  4. Get into New Password: write the Current password and then write the new password 2 times, to confirm. Finish the process by confirmation of the new password.
  5. Press «Set new password«.
  6. Clever! the password will have been changed successfully.

From the email inbox you can confirm the modification of the password. It is a verification mode that Spotify applies with all its members and account types.

Safety tips on Spotify

You must be careful with the dreaded stolen Spotify accounts, since they come from easily vulnerable passwords, related to low security and account protection. To prevent this from happening, you should change your password regularly. Here are password security recommendations to protect your Spotify account:

  • The password must have 8 characters minimumalthough it is recommended to use more than 10.
  • Choose one combination of numbers, uppercase, lowercase and unusual symbols (@#*%).
  • Avoid using personal data: Make use of other names that may be familiar to you, such as the name of an album or something related to your musical preferences, for example. Always entering symbols or numbers.
  • Use password management programs like LastPass either 1Password.
  • Do not repeat the same password to access different services, especially for your email and your access to Facebook.
  • Use a strong password with the help of a program to generate passwords.

If you have also linked any payment method to your account, all the more reason to increase the protection of your account and change your password from time to time, remember to follow our security advice and change your password periodically!

And ready! Now you can enjoy all the functions of the service: upload songs to spotifyshare your lists, and enjoy your favorite music.