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How to change Outlook / Hotmail email password

Many people today use Outlook (commonly known as Hotmail/MSN) to check if new messages have arrived in your inbox or to send them. That is why it is always recommended Outlook/Hotmail password changethus, we will have less possibilities of lose access to account and avoid having to recover the account, since in addition, it also serves to log in on other popular services microsoftas they are OneDrive, office 365, Skype or Xbox, giving the account a daily use (personal/work).

then from Accounts & Sessions We will explain the methods to have a more secure account.

Change Outlook/Hotmail password

If you have not lost the current password of your account, with this method you can easily modify your password, you only have to access the specific section, enter the current password and then enter the new password. Here are the steps to change the password knowing the current password:

  1. go to the section for change password from your Outlook or Hotmail account.
  2. Enter the Current passwordand then enter the New Password Y confirm it entering the same new password below. We recommend that you include numbers, lowercase, uppercase and some symbols, so your password will be difficult to guess and your account will be more secure (remember that you can always use a password manager like last pass either 1Password). Optionally you can select the checkbox to remind me to change my password “Make me change my password every 72 days”.
    Outlook password screen
  3. Press «Save» to modify the password.
  4. Clever! your account is now more secure.

From that moment you will be able to log in to your main Outlook/Hotmail service and also to the complementary services, always with your new access data.

Change the password without knowing the current one

don’t you remember current Outlook/Hotmail email password?. No problem! You can regain access to your account and change your password, but you will be asked for information that you should have previously entered in your profile (alternate phone number and/or secondary email).

Modifying your current password without knowing it is a process that you can only carry out by recovering the password as if you had forgotten it. Follow our instructions to recover your account and change the password:

Outlook access key screen
Outlook password screen
  1. go to the section for reset your password and recover your account.
  2. Enter the address of alternative email or the phone number or the skype user that you have entered in your profile when registering the account. Hit the “Next” button.
    Outlook access key screen
    Outlook password screen
  3. Verify your identity: a screen will appear with a notice “How do you want to obtain your security code?” You can choose between several options, although we recommend the phone number option. To start the verification, you will need to fill in the last 4 digits of your phone number and then you will receive an SMS message when you press the “Get Code” button. If you choose the verification method through email, it will ask you for the complete alternative email address, and there it will send you the same validation code after pressing “Get code”.
    Outlook access key screen
    Outlook password screen
  4. Enter the code and the verification process ends.
  5. reset password: enter the New Password and below, confirm it. We recommend you use at least 10 characters with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol, so you will have a secure account. Press the button “Following«.
    Outlook access key screen
    Outlook password screen
  6. Clever! your account has been recovered and your password changed.

In case you do not have any alternative recovery information, you can opt for the option in step 3 “I do not have any of these tests”. Try to complete the recovery process by entering any additional data you remember. For advanced recovery methods, access our guide to recover hotmail account.

Security tips for your account

To avoid losing access to your account or to improve its security, it is important that you change your access password periodically. In addition, you should keep in mind the following security tips to keep your account:

  • change password: in fact, from Microsoft they advise changing it every 3 months.
  • Two-step authentication: It is located in the section of «Security» and significantly increases security, you must enter a randomly generated code and also your password. To generate this code, there are usually applications, programs or services that will help you.
  • Secure access password: include symbols, uppercase, lowercase and numbers, so your password will be extremely difficult to guess.
  • Protect your password: it is important that you never share your password, it is personal and only that, if a friend or family member asks for it, never share it! Send them to register their own account.

Updating your email password will indirectly help you protect countless services, such as social networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tinder, etc), since these accounts are usually registered with email 😉

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