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How to change badoo password

Badoo is a famous social network that was born back in 2016 at the hands of its Russian founder Andrey Andreyev, becoming popular very quickly. If you have already created a badoo account and you only wish change password (it is recommended to do it from time to time), continue reading to successfully change the key from any platform.

Change password from a computer / PC

Badoo has a browser version, it is even the most popular format, and from its website you can change the password in case of loss or for security reasons (perhaps you hadn’t changed it for too long). Here are the steps to change Badoo password from a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox):

  1. go to
  2. Login introducing your email or phone number Y password. Press «Get in«.
  3. Enter your profile (by clicking on your Profile photo) and then, in the upper right corner, click on the «Setting” (shaped like gear).
  4. Look for the area «Your account» and click on the «pencil«, appears next to the title when you hover over it.
  5. Enter your new passwordconfirm it below and then click on the button that will appear automatically «Save«. It is possible that it will ask you for the old password and that you write a code that will appear on the screen, do it to finish.
  6. Cool! the password will have been changed successfully 🙂

Change password from Android / iOS

To change your Badoo account password from your smartphone do the following:

  1. Enter the Badoo app and go to settings, which is in the upper left corner (the gear).
  2. Click on «Bill» and depending on how sign in to badoo You will get several options.
  3. In our case we have used Facebook to register, so the option to change the password does not appear. Instead, choose “Have you forgotten the password?«.
  4. You will receive an email in the mail associated with said badoo account with instructions for change your password.

Security Tips for Badoo Accounts

Security is a very important element to take care of our privacy, and that is why at Badoo we must always keep it in mind. Here are some tips so that you have the most secure account and nobody can spy on you or steal your account:

  • Change the password periodically: Although Badoo only allows you to change your password from a computer or PC, we recommend you do it every 60 days, and when doing so, remember to include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, this will make your password invulnerable.
  • Sign in on trusted devices: avoid using your Badoo account on devices that you do not know, if you have to enter from a friend or relative’s mobile, do it using the “incognito mode” of the browser, this will help to leave fewer traces. Remember not to save the password in the browser you use.
  • Avoid being spied on when entering the password: It is likely that many friends know your email address, and if someone just wants to spy on you, it is possible that they will try to see your password when entering it, be careful not to be seen! This way you will prevent another person from accessing your private conversations or photos.