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How to change Facebook password

Due to the huge popularity of Facebook, there are many people who try to break into the accounts of others, so it is important do not store passwords in the browserrhave a good antivirus to avoid malware and be very careful with exploits (emails with fake Facebook addresses/notifications trying to get your password).

In addition to these basic safety recommendations, one of the most important things is that change your Facebook password periodically, avoid being hacked or spied on, losing control of your “account, page or fanpage” can be terrible.

Change Facebook Passcode

In this section you will discover the best tips to change your Facebook password safely and effectively.

Note: If you pay attention to all the tricks that we will teach you below, your password will be safe, but remember that once you change it you should not share it with anyone.

Change your Facebook password knowing the current password

If you have the current password, congratulations, it’s the best scenario! Access the basic configuration of your account through the following steps:

  1. Click on the arrow that is in the upper corner of Facebook and choose the option «Setting«.
    Facebook password change screen
  2. Continues in “Security and login» is in the left sidebar.
    Facebook change password screen
    Change Facebook password screen.
  3. Click on «Edit» next to change password.
    Facebook change password screen
    Change Facebook password screen.
  4. Type the password you have right now and then the new password to confirm.
  5. Click on «Save Changes«.

Change my Facebook password without knowing the current password

If you forget your password, you have to click on the option recover facebook account. In case you have access to the email or phone number, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the page of Recover your account.
  2. Next enter your phone number or email, your name/username and click on Search.
  3. Follow the instructions indicated in the process.

If unfortunately you cannot access your email or you do not have the phone number registered in your Facebook, you have no choice but to enter the Facebook account recovery page and provide all the information requested to verify your identity and that it’s your account.

Change Facebook password from mobile

There is a way to directly modify access to this social network (even in the version of facebook lite) from any Android or iOS terminal:

  1. open the facebook apps and hit the three horizontal stripes.
  2. go to Settings > Password and security.
  3. click on change Password.
  4. Type your current password and choose a new one.
  5. Confirm by clicking on «Save Changes«.

Tips for changing the password

It is common for people to be careless by setting passwords that are too easy (remember that your Facebook account has a lot of personal data), so we recommend that when you go to change your password follow these steps:

  • Do not put easy data that others can know through your profile, such as your name, date of birth, telephone number, city, country, etc. It is also not recommended to use the birthday of one of your children, for example.
  • A common mistake is to use the same password on several sites, so we recommend that you keep the passwords in a notebook or in a notepad, so you can identify yourself in other services
  • It is important to include a variety of numbers, letters (both upper and lower case), and symbols such as $, #, @, or %.
  • make a password that is easy for you and you can remember with some ease, but difficult for others to know.
  • Use some online password manager, such as 1Password

Recommendations like these are from Facebook itself, official, if you value your privacy, follow all the steps to avoid future problems, security and privacy is the most important thing!