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How to change Gmail email password

gmail It is one of Google’s star products, which since 2004 has served millions of users who, even today, continue to register new accounts to be able to use all the company’s applications; access to all of them is done with your own email and a password or key that identifies us and prevent anyone from using our account on our behalf.

Because it is the only protection against account takeover threats, it is extremely important change gmail password regularly, so that all your data is not compromised. Think that it is not only your emails that are vulnerable, but that anyone could access Google Maps, see your location, the files you have uploaded to Google Drive, your meetings in Google Calendar, in short, it could be very dangerous if it were to fall in foreign hands. To avoid this we are going to give you some small guidelines to protect yourself.

Change Gmail password from the web

In Accounts & Sessions We believe that the simplest way is always the best, that is why we are going to start from the official Google website where they will let us modify our password, for this you must have your current password and think of a new secure password. Follow the next steps:

  1. Enter the section with the information from your Google account in
  2. Go to «Security» to access your data, section located in the left sidebar on PC, and the top if it is a mobile device
    Change Gmail password screen.
  3. Follow the path “Sign in to Google“ > “Password“. It will notify you from the devices with which you log in and when was the last time you changed your access password.
    Gmail change password screen
    Change Gmail password screen.
  4. Enter your current gmail password and press “Following
  5. To finish, enter the new password and confirm the new password again. Remember that it must have a minimum of 10 characters for greater security.
    Gmail change password screen
    Change Gmail password screen.
  6. Press «Change password” to end.

Once you do the above, you will have changed both your Gmail password and that of all Google services. Some services may require you to sign out and back in for them to work properly. Remember not to forget your new password.

Change Gmail password without knowing the current password

There are cases when, due to automatic login, you forget your current gmail password and you want to change it. For this, there are different ways to modify the password, but you must have left alternative verification methods in your account in advance. Then follow the steps below:

Clarification: We have already mentioned how recover a gmail account in another article of ours, so we recommend you take a look at it.
  1. go to
  2. Enter your gmail email and press “Next”.
  3. They will give you three identification methods alternatives:
    • Enter the last password that comes to mind that you have used in that account, it does not matter if it is not the most recent.
    • Click on «try another way» to go to other forms of verification. If you have a mobile, press “Yes”, Google will send you an SMS with a code to confirm that you are the real owner.
    • If you don’t have a phone, go to “I don’t have my phone”, which will let you enter a secondary email to recover your account.
  4. Once Google confirms that you are the right person (validating your identity), it will take you to the password change page and you can choose a different one. Remember to be safe!

Therefore, you will have been able to modify your password without knowing the current one, although as you have already seen, you need to have alternative means so that they can verify your identity, otherwise, you could lose your account.

Change Gmail password from an Android/iOS mobile

Although everything we have told you so far could be done equally from any device or even from the browser of your mobile terminal, there is a specific way designed specifically for mobile devices, which is through the Gmail application, so that you can change your password in just a few minutes. Follow the next steps:

Gmail change password screen
Change Gmail password screen.
  1. Launch the Gmail app on your mobilein case you don’t have it, you can download it below:
    1. Gmail for Android:
      developer: unknown
      Price: Free

    2. Gmail for iOS:
      ‎Gmail – E-Mail from Google
      ‎Gmail – E-Mail from Google
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes (They will be up or down, depending on whether you use Android or iOS).
  3. Go to «Setting«.
    Gmail change password screen
    Change Gmail password screen.
  4. Press “Manage your Google account“, within “Bill«.
  5. Enter your current password to validate your identity.
  6. Go to «Security«.
  7. Go to “Password«.
  8. Please re-enter your Current password and click on «Following«.
  9. Enter your new password and retype it just below to confirm.
  10. Press the button “Change Password” to end.

This way you will have been able to change your Google password without having to turn on the computer and from your own mobile device.

Safety tips to keep in mind

All this that we have taught you is useful but insufficient, since it is not enough just to change your password for another, the ideal is that you have a few small precautions so that your Gmail account is protected against any threat and nobody can enter it without your permission.

  1. Choose a password of at least 10 characters (just as Gmail asks you), but use symbols, uppercase, lowercase and numbers.
  2. Do not put as password information that anyone can guesslike your date of birth, your cat’s name or the school you went to.
  3. Change this password from time to time to prevent anyone from getting it.
  4. If it is too complicated for you, there are password managers like 1Password or the official google password manager so you can create a password that is very difficult to hack without having to remember it yourself, since you will only need one master key to manage them all.
  5. Activate two-step verification, which tries to have a unique temporary code that is used in addition to the username and password, is completely safe. To do this, go to

With all this, your account will be totally protected and you will be able to have a good time using Gmail services without problems, so we hope that you have been able to take advantage of our advice.