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How to change yahoo mail password

yahoo is one of the oldest and most popular companies on the Internet, and also offers one of the best services of email of the network. It has been ranked third in terms of email services, only surpassed by gmail (Google) and Outlook (Microsoft).

Change access password of a Yahoo account or service is an action that will ensure the privacy and security of our information, and also prevent our data from falling into the wrong hands. An access password that is simple can endanger your data as well as access to all the services linked to your email account.

Since Accounts & Sessions We will analyze all the options and recommendations to sign in to yahoo securely and prevent other people from accessing it without your permission.

Change Your Yahoo! Email Password

For change the password of Yahoo! easily, you can do it from the main page accessing from the smartphone or from the PC. Here are the steps to modify the password from a web browser:

  1. go to
  2. Log in in the Yahoo mail account:
    1. Enter your address emailpress «Following«.
    2. write your passwordpress «Get into«.
  3. Enter your new password and re-enter it to confirm (remember to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols to have a more secure password). Press «Continue» to save the new password.
  4. Clever! the account will already have the new password assigned.
Clarification: The old password will no longer work and you must use the New Password to login. If you try multiple times to use the old password, Yahoo! block the account and you need to recover it.

Change the password of Yahoo! Mail from Android / iOS

Yahoo! Mail It has apps for Android and iOS. In both cases, changing your access password is really simple. Here are the steps to change the password from the application:

  1. Download and install the Yahoo! (if you already have it installed, you can skip this step):
  2. Opens the application.
  3. Login:
    1. Enter your email and press «Following«
    2. Enter your password and press «Log in«
  4. inside of you inboxpress the “Menu” option (icon with three horizontal lines).
  5. Go to the section «Manage accounts«.
  6. Click on «Account info» and then on “Security”
  7. Under “How to sign in,” tap “Change Password«.
  8. Enter a New Password typing it twice to confirm and click on “Continue”
  9. Clever! the password will have been changed successfully.

Through this simple process, you will have changed your Yahoo! password. Do not forget that this change affects all the devices in which you log in, leaving the previous password disabled.

Security tips for Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! is an extremely popular service, especially its email platform. That is why you should take precautions to strengthen the security of your Yahoo!. Here are some security tips to protect your account and any sensitive data you may have on it:

  • Difficult and complex passwords: always choose a combination to create passwords hard to guess. Do not include first or last names, dates of birth or cities because other people could guess it. We recommend using uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols for a strong password.
  • Modify the password periodically: Change your Yahoo mail password at least once every 60 days. This renewal will make it impossible -or very difficult- for anyone to guess it.
  • Memorize your password: you can try to remember it in your memory or use an application to manage passwords such as last pass either 1Password. In no case save it on the computer, just save it on trusted PCs.
  • Choose different passwords: never use the same password to access other platforms
  • Use trusted devices: Never save the password on devices that you do not use regularly. This could be dangerous if it falls into the hands of third parties. For these cases, it is best to use the “incognito mode”.

By following these tips, your password and Yahoo! it will remain safe from third-party intrusions. And remember that if you have had any problem changing your password you can recover your yahoo mail account easily by following our little guide.