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How to change mega password

Mega is a storage service, and hopefully your files are very valuable, for this reason it is essential that you pay attention to your password, because if you do not change it regularly someone could leave you without access, losing all your files and the entire account. In addition, it is always advisable to save the «recovery key” in a safe place.

Modify the password in Mega it is easy and fast, you can change your password from a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera) or from the mobile application (Android/iOS). Next, we explain how to change the password in MEGA.

Change Mega password from the web

Changing your MEGA password is a quick and easy process, but it’s always good to review the basic steps to make the change. Before you begin, if you don’t remember your current password or are not logged in, you should recover your account. Follow the steps below to modify your password:

  1. go to or write in the browser
  2. Enter your Username Y password.
  3. Click on the three horizontal points in the upper right corner and go to «Settings».
  4. On the left, click “Security”.
  5. search on the screen “Change Password” and enter the new password and enter it again below (remember that a strong password must have uppercase, lowercase, numbers and/or special symbols).
  6. Press «Change Password«.
  7. Clever! your password will have been changed successfully.

Remember that from now on you must use this password when opening the application, using the extension or any of the PC programs.

Security tips to avoid losing access to your Mega account

Reviewing the article mega account recovery, we will explain below recommendations to avoid losing access to the MEGA account, and thus, avoid losing access to your files. Here are our safety tips:

  • Your recovery key must be well kept: in case of not pointing it to the create the account in you can go to “Menu» > «Export recovery key» I well download the key in a file named «MEGA-RECOVERYKEY.txt» or write it down. It is essential that you keep this key somewhere safe, it will help you recover your account if you have problems in the future.
  • Change your password regularly: Follow the steps in this article to change your password periodically, this will make it more difficult for a third party to access your account.
  • Your password must be secure: Always use a password with uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numbers or any combination that offers you maximum security. It is useless to modify the key if it is always a similar one or it is very easy to discover.

With these methods your Mega account will be extremely secure, so all you have to do is enjoy the fast and reliable downloads that MEGA has to offer!