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How to change Instagram password

Instagram was created in 2010, and in just 2 years, it was bought over 2 billion USD by Facebook. It currently has more than 1,000 million users, that is, 1 out of every 7 inhabitants of this planet. However, there have been cases in the press of massive hackingwhere thousands of users have seen their accounts seized, which can be a real headache for those affected.

Due to security concerns, many users have decided change instagram password regularlyto avoid being exposed and prevent them from stealing your photos, videos and conversations, that is, your entire account!

Change Instagram password from browser / PC

Instagram has a fully functional version for computers/PC, therefore, you can always change your access password from any browser. Next, we explain the steps to modify the access code:

  1. go to
  2. Log in with your access data or with the Facebook account.
  3. Enter the Current passwordbelow, enter the New Password Y confirm it. Press «Change Password«.
  4. That is all! remember to write down your new password in a safe place.

Change Instagram password from Android / iOS

Instagram has native Android / iOS applications, that is, they integrate perfectly with any device and work very fast. Here are the steps to modify the password from the application:

  1. Download and install the Instagram app (if you already have it, you can skip this step):
  1. Opens the instagram app.

  1. Login with your access data or Facebook account.

  1. Press the shaped button silhouette of a person (at the bottom right of the screen).

  1. At the top right of the screen, locate a 3 line shaped buttonput one on top of the other, and squeeze it.
  2. Now click on the bar at the bottom of the screen «Setting«.

  1. By doing so, a menu will open, and now you must select «Security«.

  1. Once inside your account settings, click on «Password«.

  1. Now Instagram will ask for your current password and then you must enter your new password and finally, repeat your new password to confirm.
  2. Congratulations! you just changed the password successfully.
Advice!: You will be able to reset your password if you have a linked Facebook account and don’t remember your current password. In the section of change of password (step 9), click on “reset it with Facebook”, in this way, Instagram will change the password without needing to know the current one.

Instagram Safety Tips

Prevent them from stealing your account or accessing your data! Hackers neither ask nor ask for permission, which is why you should worry about the security of your account. Here are some steps to improve the security of your account:

  • Do not share your Instagram password to anyoneneither family nor friend, is personal and only yours.
  • If you log in on a computer that is not for your exclusive use, then log out every time that you finish using Instagram. You can also use “incognito mode” to prevent the browser from saving any of your data.
  • Choose a password that is difficult to be copied or found out. For example, add uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as the use of unusual numbers and symbols.
  • Don’t use the same password of your email with that of Instagram. Use different passwords for different services, you can use last pass either 1Password to manage the different passwords and not die trying.
  • Avoid posting personal datas in your Instagram password, such as your date of birth, age, etc.

Always protect access to the digital services you use! Always remember that you have sensitive data and it could be very bad to lose access or be hacked.