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How to change Linkedin in Spanish

LinkedIn is a social network to search for a job that is used in many countries, which is why the main language of the web, being based on American soil, is English, although if you are not very agile with the English language, it is possible change linkedin in spanish to make it much easier to use.

Change Linkedin profile to another language

It doesn’t matter what language you are in right now linkedin profilethe procedure is as follows:

  1. In the upper right corner click on Me > Language (the third option)
  2. Or you can access directly with this link
  3. You will see two options to change linkedin language, you can choose to either change the language in which you use Linkedin or the language of the content. To modify it, you just have to press change and choose your preferred language.
  4. If you select the first option, will change the entire website to English for instance. To change it again, you just have to click on the drop-down again and look for Spanish.
  5. With the second option what you do is translate your contacts’ posts to the language you have selected, as in the example that was in Spanish and we have chosen English, it offers us a translation into that language.

Create a Linkedin profile in another language

The way this social network works is that if someone who, for example, does not have Spanish selected, visits your profile, they will see your resume and others in the language that you have selected as the main language. To offer these people a personalized profile in your native languageyou can create secondary profiles for each language that suits you best.

  1. Sign in to LinkedIngo to your profile in Me and click on «View profile«.
  2. Now choose «Add profile in another language«.
  3. In the drop-down that appears, choose the language in which you want translate your linkedin profile.
  4. Note that you will have to translate your all data regarding your job, careers, courses, etc. and put them in the language in which you want them to appear.
  5. You can create as many secondary profiles as you want in several different languages.