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How to Change Username on Spotify

Spotify is a well-known podcast and music streaming platform around the world. To start in it you need a username, although if you have forgotten it, we will try to help you solve the doubt of how to change username on spotify and even offer you other types of ways to log in.

Change Spotify login name

This is not possible because your name is associated with your email, and only one account per person is allowed. Luckily, if you just want to get into your account because you forgot, you can. via the associated email to that account or even with Facebook.

  • As you can see you have many options if you enter from the Homepage and you click on log in.
  • If by chance you have your Gmail account, for example in Spotify, you will not have to do anything else, since when you enter you will find your account as you have left it.
  • In case of login with facebookyour username will become the same as your Facebook, so it can be a good alternative.
  • Otherwise you will have to click on «Have you forgotten your password?» and start the process of recovering your data.

Export your lists on Spotify

Since it is not possible to change our username, what we can do is create a Spotify account as we have already told you. explained here.

  • Once we have it ready, we enter our old account and look for the list we want to export.

  • Click on the three points and then on Share > Copy Link.
  • Don’t forget to make the list public just in case, if you click on the three dots again you will see that option right away.
  • Log out of that account and open your new spotify account.

  • You will see that the list will appear again. but now clicking on the three dots will bring up the option «save to your music«.
  • This will save it to that account and you will have access to all the songs.
  • Do the same with all the lists that you are interested in saving in your new account.
  • then you can delete your old Spotify account and you will only use the new one with the username you have chosen.

Change profile name in Spotify

It is different from your username, and it is used to identify you in the playlist, in your friends list, etc. No need to change your login name. For it:

  • go to Home> Settings> View Profile> Edit Profile.
  • Click on the profile name and type the one you want.
  • Click on save to apply the changes. Remember that with this you only get that your contacts can see you with another name, but to log in you will have the same username as before.

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