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Amazon’s Choice: what it is and how they choose the featured products

Amazon’s Choice is a label with which amazon distinguishes a certain product within its catalog, when it considers that it is the best alternative for a specific search by the user. To find it, just look in the upper left corner next to the product photo, or below, in the product specifications. Thus, amazon seeks to promote products with the best reviews, prices and/or shipping facilities.

How was Amazon’s Choice born?

Amazon launched this label for the year 2015, when Echo Dot made its appearance on the market. As more and more people used the Echo Dot, more requests were made to Alexa (the Echo Dot’s voice assistant). However, as smart as Alexa was, it wasn’t always easy for this robot to interpret customers’ voice orders, so Amazon decided to make the voice shopping experience easier by creating the Amazon Choice, by matching certain searches with the most relevant respective products. Today it is not only possible to find the label in voice searches, but also on mobile and PC.

In order for Amazon to consider a certain product as worthy of the label of Amazon Choicethis must meet a good performance in several areas, such as:

  • Low rate of return rates (good quality product).
  • Good reviews on average (4 or more stars).
  • Fast shipping (Amazon Prime, which allows shipping in a few hours).
  • Good presentation of the product (packaging and design that provides confidence and quality).

How to get the Amazon Choice label

To sell a product more easily with Amazon Choice, here are the points to keep in mind:

  • Look for quality providers: Quality is everything and for this, you must be careful to choose providers that have certain minimum standards. If you do this, your customers will be satisfied with the product.
  • sell simple products: If your product is very delicate or requires very peculiar packaging, this can make the shipping process more tedious and slow, so we recommend selling products that are easy to pack and move from one place to another.
  • Position your product in searches: To make your product more visible in searches, try to use the most exact keywords possible as well as good quality photographs, which will generate a better response from the public. Don’t just use one keywordbut also uses semantically similar phrases, and if you require the help of an SEO expert, do not hesitate to do so.
  • do marketing: Another point is that you can use marketing or advertising so that more people can reach your product, and for that you can advertise it on certain websites or through social networks.
  • Deliver good service: If you make your customers happy, this will result in good ratings, which will increase the chances that Amazon will give you the Amazon Choice label on your products.

Points to clarify about Amazon Choice

According to Amazon, to obtain this distinction, products must have “good rating, moderate price and that have immediate availability to be dispatched«, although there are many products that do not exactly fit this description and even so, the Amazon algorithm shows them with said labeling, therefore, they are not selected manually, but automatic.

Many have tried to figure this out. algorithm, but it is not always the product with the label that has the lowest price or the one with the most stars. Apparently, Amazon also takes into account how many times the product has been returned by buyers, relative to its competitors. Likewise, amazon it also appears to be very sensitive to which search words are used. Thus, adding or removing a word to the search can mean a completely different result. In addition, these results are constantly changing, adapting to customer searches.

In summary, although nobody knows the exact algorithm that allows Amazon to distinguish a certain product, the truth is that if you follow the recommendations that we gave you in the previous section, your product will certainly have much more chances of having the long-awaited product. label of Amazon Choice.

How to filter products by Amazon’s Choice

  • You can do this by going to the search bar and typing amazon choice products. You will get several depending on the search, being able to filter by departments or price.

  • Another option is to put amazon choice gardening, amazon choice electronics, etc. to get a little more to the point.
  • Or simply enter what you are looking for in the search engine, and the first results are the Amazon choice.