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How to make a claim on Amazon

amazon is one of the largest online sales companies on the Internet, with so many sales it is quite normal that from time to time you have had a problem with your products. For these cases, or ideal is to know how to make a claim on amazon and thus resolve your issue.

How to claim an order on Amazon

To make a complaint, both in amazon spain Like any other country, the procedure is quite similar, although keep in mind that various ways to contact amazon may not be available depending on your country. Luckily here we leave you the way to access both by mobile and from the web.

Make a claim on Amazon from the web

In this case we will have to be previously registered with Amazon to be able to file the claim:

  • Click on «Returns and orders» to see all the purchases you have made.

  • The first thing is find the order you placedTo do this, either write the name of the product in the search bar and click on search order or scroll through the list that you will see below. In the event that you have not yet received your order, it may be in «ongoing orders«.

  • Once located, you will see a series of options, click on «Problems with this product«

  • Indicates what the specific problem with the product is. Keep in mind that they will most likely ask for photos, so try to explain everything in detail so that your claim on amazon be as fast as possible.
  • When they receive everything you have sent them, they will be able to contact you to manage your complaint; They can offer you anything from a refund to a free shipping of the same productdepending on the provider.

Make a claim on Amazon by phone

  • Then choose «contact us» and click on the reason for your claim. The products you have recently purchased will appear.

  • In case of the phone does not appear availableyou can go to “prime and others» and below in «Tell us more«, select for example «information about a product«.

  • You’ll see various contact options, including chat, phone and email. If you select the phone they will make a call to the number you choose.

Claim on Amazon from your mobile

Using your app we can present a complaint on amazon very simply:

  • Open the app and after sign in to amazon press on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner and go to Customer Support.

  • Now hit “My delivery, order or return» and search the list that appears for the product you want to claim.

  • Choose the option «Problem with an order or product» and select which one is in your case.

  • Click on initiate a return or replacement to start your claim, or choose «i need more help» to speak with an Amazon assistant.
  • If you are not out of time, it will let you start the claim process for that product.

Requirements to file a claim on Amazon

Not all products offered by Amazon have claims available, especially digital ones or those that do not accept returns, but as a general rule, you can request it if it meets the following:

  • you must have first contacted the seller through your Amazon account. You can do this by clicking on the provider’s name when you go to your list of orders.
  • let there be past three days since you sent that message.
  • In case of delivery delayyou need to 3 days have passed since the estimated delivery date or 30 since you paid for the order.
  • Of course, if it shows damage, deterioration or is very different from what you bought, you can claim. Even if the package is in poor condition. That without, in this case you have 14 calendar days to return it.
  • You can also claim in case the seller went to refund the money but I haven’t told you anything else.
  • In any case, you have 90 days from the date of delivery of the productnot being possible to claim once this time has passed.