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How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn It is one of the preferred social networks to find employment, therefore, if you need to hire staff for your new company, the ideal is that you start by opening LinkedIn as a company.

Advantages of creating a page on LinkedIn

As a company, what interests us most is being able to see our productivity in numbers in order to be able to control exactly the areas in which to improve, that is why this tool is so useful, because it allows us to advertise our company and measure the impact of said advertising on the social networksplus added benefits such as:

  • Promote our brand in social networks and gain a foothold in the sector.
  • Human resources tool. Since it allows you to hire new employees and start selection processes in a simple way.
  • To create network between companies helping each other and also attracting potential customers.
  • Related to the above; more visibilitysince this social network is used by millions of people on a daily basis.

Create Company Page on LinkedIn

  1. The first thing is to go to your main page of LinkedIn and click on products.
  2. You will see that you get an option at the bottom that says «company pages«.
  3. Select the type of company based on size (small, medium, etc.).
  4. Covers company data; name, logo, address, web url and your linkedin custom url. It is important that you choose this url well because if you want to change it you will have to contact them here being an uncomplicated process, but it takes time.
  5. When everything is ready, click on «create page«.

Add or remove admins from a LinkedIn Page

Once you have your company account, you can add someone to update the content or open job offers and accept candidates, to do this:

  1. Go to the administration panel in Me > Manage page. This process or can be only the administrator of said page.
  2. Then follow this path: administrator tools (which is just above) > Manage administrators.
  3. Choose the administrator type what do you want to add; designated, recruiter or sponsored content.
  4. Write the Name of individual and click on save.
  5. To eliminate them, the process is the same, only that when you get to the manage admins you will see a list, simply hover your mouse over their names and click on «remove» and confirm by clicking on «save«.

Types of Admins on LinkedIn

There are two main types of administrators; page administrators and payment methods:

page admins

  • super administrator: It is the one with the maximum management power on the LinkedIn company page. You can add or remove administrators and even disable the page.
  • content manager: Allows you to upload all kinds of content to the company page, as well as job postings.
  • Analyst: From your dashboard you can see in detail the numbers of the advertising campaigns and other performance tools.

Payment method administrators

  • Sponsored Content Advertiser: Allows you to manage ads beyond the audience that follows you in your network.
  • Lead Generation Forms: Allow potential customers to download lead generation forms.
  • Pipeline Builder: Create landing pages so that customers know what you are selling them through your advertising campaigns.

How to improve your company page on LinkedIn

After creating your LinkedIn Company Page, you can give it a couple of tweaks to make it more professional:

  • Complete the information in «about» telling a bit of the company philosophy and its history.
  • You can too list services that the company offers and the benefits that your potential clients can obtain.
  • try include reviews from other customersphotographs of the company’s work so that, in short, those who visit the page know that you have experience in what you say you sell.
  • If you have employees, include their LinkedIn profiles with the company.
  • Update your content regularly, to rank better in the search algorithm.