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Dropbox vs. Google Drive / OneDrive / MEGA

drop box It is a service that allows you to store files in the “cloud”, that is, it acts as if it were a virtual hard drive but on the Internet. In this way you do not have to depend on a physical storage system but you can synchronize your files to be able to connect from any device and from anywhere in the world. Today it is one of the best known and most used platforms in the world.

However, the rise of this service has made it possible for similar services to appear that compete in advantages and functionalities. Is Dropbox the best option?

Advantages of Dropbox

The most significant advantages that have made drop box is one of the services with the highest demand are:

  • It offers a free plan of 2 GB of space that you can expand according to your needs
  • You may get free storage if you carry out certain actions such as inviting friends or viewing the tutorial
  • There is no need to install any software to use it, only a browser is necessary
  • allows the access to the platform from any device The 24 hours of the day
  • It is possible to share the files easily through a link generated by the system itself and that you can send to a contact or a group of users

Disadvantages of Dropbox

Like any other service, drop box it also has some drawbacks:

  • The automatically synchronized files will only be those that are included in the system folder itself, with the name of MY DROP BOX
  • Free storage space is scarce
  • It is not possible to work on a file in real time between several people

Dropbox vs. Google Drive

google drive is one of the great competitors drop box and it has become one of the favorites of users, especially due to the possibility it offers by allowing access to a document, as well as its editing, by several users at the same time. Although there are other key aspects to highlight.

Advantages of Google Drive

The advantages that make google drive be a strong competitor are the following:

  • Google Drive has more free storage compared to Dropbox: in total 15 GB
  • It offers a form of access that does not require an internet connection: the offline form
  • You can create a specific URL to share your files with other users and make changes in real time that will be viewed by them
  • Allows the option of encrypt documents with passwordin order to increase their safety
  • There is an option that allows access to the revision of previous versions of a document in order to restore any state prior to an erroneous edition, for example
  • It is compatible with the most common devices such as Windows, Android and iOS

Disadvantages of Google Drive

The weak points of this platform are the following:

  • You need internet to access the service
  • It is a service with multiple functions, which may seem a bit complex at first, when you do not have experience with the platform yet.
  • It is mandatory to have a gmail account in order to access the service

Dropbox vs. OneDrive

If there is something that has made OneDrive What stands out from the rest of the platforms that offer cloud storage services is the integration of Office 365 programs. This makes Windows a strong point in this type of service.

Advantages of OneDrive

The positive points for which many users prefer this platform are the following:

  • Offers 5 GB of storage for free
  • office 365 is integrated, so you can use Power Point, Excel, Word or One Note from your account
  • You can easily share any file by creating a download link that you can send to other users via email.
  • It has an option to group edit files
  • Allows synchronization between devices by installing an application, so you can access your files without having to be connected to the internet

Disadvantages of OneDrive

Some negative points that do not make OneDrive a favorite are:

  • The storage it offers, for free, is limited
  • It is not possible to have two different accounts for the same user
  • If you want to have more storage, you will have to contract a subscription

Dropbox vs MEGA

MEGA It continues to be a favorite option for users, in part because it is the platform that provides the most storage space. It is also one of the safest today.

Advantages of MEGA

MEGA is an excellent cloud storage platform for a few notable reasons:

  • In the free version, the user can have up to 50 GB of storage
  • It has an advanced file encryption system that protects the safety of these
  • By having servers all over the world, downloading files is faster wherever you are
  • You can make use of MEGA in different languages
  • It is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems

Disadvantages of MEGA

There are some points that the platform should improve:

  • In the event that you have a slow internet connection, this will affect the speed of uploading and downloading files, as well as the possibility that uploads and downloads are frozen, having to start the transfer several times
  • MEGA is one of the services that consumes the largest number of resources
  • In the case of forgetting the password to access the platform, there will be no option to recover the files again

Choosing a cloud storage service is a decision that will influence the way you manage your files. The best option will depend on the functions you need to cover and the options offered by each platform.