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Blogger vs WordPress / Wix / Google Sites

blogging It is a platform through which a user can create a personal page in blog format on any topic. It is currently part of Google and offers the free domain for users who want to access its services.

The rise of platforms that allow the creation of personal websites, either for professional purposes or as a personal activity to develop topics or express thoughts or opinions, has made it possible for competition to grow. What is the best option to develop a blog?

Blogging Advantages

blogging It is one of the favorite platforms for users who do not want to complicate themselves when creating a personalized website in blog format. Some reasons for its success are:

  • Is a completely free platform
  • You do not have to worry about choosing a domain or hiring a hosting
  • lets put adsense advertising to monetize your website, or other affiliate programs
  • You can choose between templates for blogging Y different customization options
  • It has a multitude of plugins to improve your page

Disadvantages of Blogging

Not everything is perfect in Blogger and there are some negative points that could be improved:

  • The code is limited to HTML-CSS Y JavaScript
  • It cannot be customized to a high level, and the modification process can be somewhat laborious
  • Page loading may be slower than other platforms
  • You do not have access to hosting
  • It is not possible to create several pages within the web, but everything is concentrated on the same page

Blogger vs WordPress

wordpress It is the favorite platform for users looking for a more advanced option with multiple customization options. It is less limited compared to Blogger and is one of the most complete alternatives.

Advantages of WordPress

What makes WordPress a particularly valued platform when creating a web page?:

  • It has two programming languages: PHP Y mysqlwhich allows you to create more complex projects with almost no limits
  • It offers many more features compared to Blogger, such as the ability to define administration options, install plugin more technical or create meta descriptions among others
  • You do not have to be aware of a third-party service
  • It is the best service for positioning in Google since content indexing is easier
  • It is updated periodically

WordPress Disadvantages

Some aspects that make wordpress lose points are:

  • In order to get the most out of the platform, some basic knowledge is necessary when it comes to maintaining hosting and servers. If you are not an advanced user, this maintenance can be complex
  • you will need the contracting a hosting and a domain
  • It is necessary to hire a paid version to be able to use all the features. advantages of wordpressotherwise the platform will be very limited
  • Consumes a lot of resources at the memory and CPU level
  • If you use too many plugins, the page can slow down noticeably

Blogger vs. Wix

Another option to create a personal page if Blogger has not convinced you is Wix. Although Blogger is really easy to use, the truth is that wix it is the same or simpler and even has more attractive customization options.

Advantages of Wix

Wix especially stands out for some distinctive advantages over Blogger:

  • It is one of the easiest platforms to use even for inexperienced users, it is not even necessary to know programming
  • It has a wide catalog of templates with many different designs
  • You can add numerous elements to make it more interactive
  • It is updated periodically, generally month by month
  • It has an option that allows you to design your web page so that it adapts specifically to mobile phones.

Disadvantages of Wix

In this case there are also aspects that would be necessary to improve so that the platform will be among the best valued:

  • If you choose to use the free alternative, you will need to use the subdomain
  • It is a more limited platform for users looking for a e-commerce solution
  • If you decide to change the template, you will lose all the content of the previous design
  • The free option incorporates some banner ads

Blogger vs. Google Sites

As a competing platform to Blogger, it is Google Sitesan option that, in this case, is free and allows you to create web pages with intranets or integrate other Google functions in a simple way and without the need for advanced knowledge.

Advantages of Google Sites

Some of the positive points that make it one of the choices of users are:

  • Creating a website is simple and uncomplicated. The tool itself puts at your disposal different structures that are incorporated automatically (space for blogs, advertising…) you only have to choose the one you need
  • You can integrate other services belonging to Google such as google drive either Youtube
  • It has an option so that other users can access the web configuration
  • The available designs adapt perfectly to other screens such as tablets or smartphones
  • Integrate Google Analytics so you can track the number of visits to your website

Disadvantages of Google Sites

Other points in which the platform does not reach the best rating:

  • Doesn’t offer as many customization options or templates as other platforms, so can be a bit limited
  • It is not possible to install plugins
  • The maximum size of the attached files that you want to incorporate into the web page cannot exceed 20 MB
  • The free space available is 100 MB, so if you want to expand it, you have to pay a fee

The platforms for website creationfree usually have more limited options although they are a good alternative for experienced users who do not need especially advanced features.