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Tinder vs Badoo / Happn / Meetic

Tinder It has become a benchmark as a platform to flirt on the internet. Its popularity has reached such a point that it has become the favorite of users. A nice interface and a simple and entertaining way of use make it a great competitor.

However, platforms that offer very similar services, free features and numerous options to guarantee success in finding a contact with a high degree of compatibility have not stopped appearing. Although Tinder is the winner for many, it is closely followed by very interesting alternatives.

Advantages of Tinder

use tinder It is an experience that can help you meet very interesting people. Its main objective is to unite compatible users so that they can start a relationship, but there are many others benefits when using Tinder:

  • It is an ideal choice for socialize and grow your circle of friends. You don’t always find love at first, but you will surely make good friends along the way.
  • Since the first contact is made through chat, it is a means that many people prefer to break the ice, perhaps due to shyness or mistrust. In addition, we can teach you some tips to start a conversation on Tinder and be successful
  • It is a window open to the whole world, so you can meet people from many countries with whom you can exchange different ways of seeing life, learn cultural information…
  • One of its latest functions offers the possibility of organize outings with friends
  • Through the platform you have the option of finding people who are close to your geographical area
  • You can make use of the available filters to find people with certain characteristics including from age to hobbies
  • If you reject a profile, it will not appear in the list again

Disadvantages of Tinder

As with any other platform to meet people, you may find yourself with bad experiences, or features that do not meet your needs. Some disadvantages you can find when using Tinder are the following:

  • The question always arises as to whether the person we are talking to is real, or whether someone completely different is behind the image they show.
  • Love is not usually found at first, so you must be patient in order to meet someone who really interests you. Even though you have made contact with someone with whom you have exchanged a Matchcompatibility is not always guaranteed
  • Even if you are interested in talking to another user, if you do not receive a Matchit will not be possible
  • Not all users are looking for a serious relationship, you may find users who are just looking for sneaky hookups. You must inform yourself before, so that it is something mutual

Tinder vs Badoo

Badoo It is one of the great competitors of Tinder. Offers a particularly easy registration system, and a system in which you can navigate between different profiles to choose the ones that interest you the most. If there is a mutual interest, you can contact.

Advantages of Badoo

Which are the advantages that place Badoo as the most direct competitor of Tinder?:

  • It allows you to check if a certain profile has been verified or not to minimize the risk that it is a Fake profile
  • It has a limitation regarding the messages that can be sent to a certain user. This prevents you from feeling overwhelmed
  • It has an option to know which people have visited your profile and even which of them have added you to their favorites list
  • You can classify the profiles by adding them to a list of favorites
  • Is a platform multilingual

Disadvantages of Badoo

Badoo also has some negative points that inevitably make some users feel unhappy:

  • In order to use all its functions, you must make use of a paid subscription
  • Not all profiles are looking for lasting relationships and you may even come across fake profiles
  • The first contact is by chat, so many details are missed to assess such as the way of speaking, gestures… Do not get carried away by the first impression only through a few messages

Tinder vs Happen

happn It is one more alternative to Tinder and has the same objective as other dating platforms: to put two people who are attracted in contact so that they can meet and start a possible relationship. However, Happn has a differentiating characteristic that makes it unique: putting people in contact who have crossed paths within a geographic radius.

Advantages of Happn

For what reasons does Happn keep gaining users? Some of its outstanding advantages are the following:

  • You can block those users that do not interest you so that they do not appear in the application again
  • It allows the option of filtering your preferences so that profiles with which you have crossed paths appear, but that also have a certain degree of affinity with you
  • If two people who have met, like each other, they can start a conversation
  • Through the data of geolocationyou can contact a person with whom you have crossed paths and know the exact place where you met

Disadvantages of Happn

Happn is an innovative dating network, but it also has some downsides:

  • Because it restricts contact to certain geographical areas, in places with low population the chances of finding other people are less
  • It is not a comfortable application like others where you can find profiles from home. This app only works if you go outside
  • Some functions are paid

Tinder vs. Meetic

Another alternative to the famous dating platform is meetic. It is one of the best known, especially in Europe and despite the fact that it includes users of all ages from 20 years old, it is a service in which people with an average age of around 30-35 especially participate.

Meetic Advantages

The main Meetic advantages are the following:

  • Depending on the data you provide in your profile and in your search, the platform offers you possible people who can meet your tastes through different lists
  • You have an option that allows you to place yourself between the featured profiles among those users who live near you
  • If you are a premium useryou can access the parties for singles organized by the platform
  • You can access the version Meetic Affinity that goes one step further, putting in contact profiles that have affinity and high compatibility

Disadvantages of Meetic

In this case, meetic It also has some negative aspects:

  • To be able to use all the options of Meetic, it is necessary to pay a subscription, otherwise the functions will be very limited. For example, you will not be able to contact another user, if this is not a user it is not paid but you are and vice versa
  • It is not possible to verify if the profile with which we have contacted is real or not
  • The renewal of the subscription is automatic, so if you are pending, you will be charged without warning
  • It is one of the most expensive platforms

Now that you know the comparison between the main online contact platforms, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.