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Badoo vs Tinder / Happn / Meetic

Badoo It is one of the most popular social networks today to find a partner, flirt and, ultimately, meet new people. The system is as simple as entering personal data and search preferences. The network will show you the most compatible profiles so you can decide if you like it or not. If there is a match, you will have the possibility to start a conversation with the other person.

The popularity of this type of platform has led to the emergence of other options. In fact Badoo counts among its great competitors with Tinder, with which the first positions are disputed to reach a greater number of users. But there is still more, and more and more websites are beginning to become more visible. So, does Badoo have reasons to rise as the favorite?

Advantages of Badoo

Some advantages that have made Badoo one of the most popular social networks are the following:

  • It is a way to expand your circle of contacts, especially if it is more difficult for you to do it physically, either due to shyness or perhaps due to lack of time.
  • Badoo imposes a maximum message limit that can be sent to a certain user, which prevents the dreaded “harassment” by certain profiles
  • One of its most outstanding advantages is that it allows you to know if a profile has been verified or not to minimize the risk that it is a Fake profile
  • You can check, through an advanced option, which people have visited your profile and even which of them have added you to their favorites list
  • You can also classify the profiles by adding them to a list of favorites
  • Is a platform available in different languages
  • It has different payment options with different options to improve your visibility or interact with other users among other advantages
  • It has a payment option in which you can browse viewing profiles without showing your identity

Disadvantages of Badoo

Badoo also has some negative points such as the following:

  • The vast majority of functions that make this social network really effective and allow establish real contacts without limitationsthey are paid
  • Despite the fact that it is one of the aspects in which this type of platform makes the most effort, there is always a chance of coming across fake profiles
  • Notifications from this platform can be overwhelming. If you do not want to receive such an amount, you must configure the notices from your profile
  • The lack of initial contact means that many aspects that are not detectable through a chat conversation are lost: way of speaking, gestures, smiles…

Badoo vs. Tinder

There is no doubt about the rivalry between both platforms. Tinder Y Badoo they have increasingly advanced functions, although there are small nuances that differentiate them. Perhaps it is these details through which a user can decide with which of them he prefers to launch himself to meet people.

Advantages of Tinder

There are many advantages for which Tinder is a great rival for Badoo:

  • Since it has managed to create a large community of users around the world, it allows you to contact people from anywhere with whom you can learn a lot on a cultural level and even languages
  • You can make use of the function to meet friends and, in this way, meet the contacts of your network
  • You have an option to contact only people who are within your radius geographically
  • If you don’t like a profile, you can reject it without it appearing on the list again
  • From your Tinder profile you can find out if the contact you are interested in has mutual friends with you, by tracking them on Facebook

Disadvantages of Tinder

The main negative points of Tinder are the following:

  • The possibility of being able to talk to another profile that interests you is only activated if the other user is also interested. This limits communication but ensures that there is a mutual interest. In the case of Badooyes there is this possibility if you are a premium user
  • It is not always possible to verify that you will contact authentic profiles
  • In order to take advantage of the full potential of Tinder, it is necessary to pay a subscription that gives you more privileges: you can become a featured profile, you can access a list with all the people who gave you a Like or you can undo an action you took by mistake like for example give a Like that you did not want to give
  • Many users make use of this application for sporadic encounters. If it’s not what you’re looking for, you may be disappointed.

Badoo vs Happn

happn It is a different social network in terms of how to contact compatible profiles. Unlike Badoo, this social network will allow you contact other users of the application with whom you have physically crossed paths at some point. That is, as long as both have the application and have it activated. That’s when the really exciting stuff begins.

Advantages of Happn

Happn is a dating platform but with a slightly different mechanism. What are its main advantages?:

  • You can choose some details that you prefer the people you have crossed paths with so that the application only shows you those users
  • The geolocation function allows you to know in which place, as exact as possible, you crossed paths with a certain contact
  • The social network imports the images from Facebook, so it is an advantage if you don’t have images at the moment. You choose which ones you want to make visible and which ones you don’t
  • It allows link your Spotify account with your contacts to share musical tastes

Disadvantages of Happn

  • Being a geolocation application, it implies that you have permanently connected the GPS service of your mobile
  • It is not enough to have come across an interesting person, it is necessary that there is a mutual interest so that a conversation can start
  • It is not a very effective application if you live in a small place, since the chances of meeting other users of the platform are significantly reduced

Badoo vs. Meetic

Another of the Big competitors of Badoo in terms of dating service it is meetic. The social network is one of the most popular in Spain and in the rest of Europe and has many useful functions to have the possibility of finding a compatible contact. Is this network really effective?

Meetic Advantages

Some advantages that have promoted the use of Meetic are:

  • It offers functions to organize parties and meetings between contacts, so that you will always have the opportunity to meet that special person in a physical way
  • you can choose a incognito mode so that you can access profiles without revealing your identity
  • It has an option to only contact profiles that meet a series of specific criteria
  • The profiles are more detailed so there is a better chance of finding someone compatible

Disadvantages of Meetic

Meetic also falters in some important aspects such as the following:

  • In the same way as in the case of Badoo or other platforms, there is no 100% reliability when it comes to knowing if a profile is true or not.
  • Fill in the meetic access profile it is more laborious than in the case of Badoo. Although this also has its positive side since it reduces the possibility of finding fake profiles
  • If you are a Premium user, you should know that Meetic will renew your subscription without prior notice, so you should be alert if you do not want to receive the payment of the fee.
  • It is not possible to see how the platform works or what it looks like in general, without previously registering.

Choosing the best dating platform only depends on your experience, is Badoo really the best option? Do you prefer the use of other social networks?