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How to configure a company email in Outlook (IMAP/POP)

Set up a company email in Outlook It can be very important to be able to manage your time much better and offer a more serious company image by having a personalized corporate email. Plus, you’ll have access to other helpful Office 365 tools.

Previous requirements

Before starting to set up your business email Outlook You must take these preconditions into consideration.

The first three requirements will not be necessary if you already have a business outlook email created previously. But, to access, you must complete the information regarding the last step that are the incoming and outgoing servers: (IMAP / POP) and (SMTP).

Set up company email

Once the preconditions have been verified, you must now set up your business email in Outlook.

In this part we will review the steps to configure Outlook 2019 version.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2019

Start by entering your email address, then click “Continue”. Press the option “Add Account” if you want to enter an additional account.

  • Choose between the options that are presented on the screen: IMAP / POP

To choose your provider choose IMAP/POP to configure your mail and incoming server.

  • Adjust IMAP or POP settings

Regardless of your choice, you will need to fill in the corresponding information. When finished, press “Add”.

  • Complete the entire process for setup

Now after entering the password to access your email, press the option “Connect”. At the end of the process, the following dialog will appear.

To finish this configuration, press the “Clever”. Now you can start using your business email from Outlook.

Set up business email from mobile (Android/iOS)

Don’t miss the chance to configure the business Outlook mail service from your mobile device and synchronize it to always be in tune and in communication with your company.

The first thing is to download the official app of Android either iOS. Here are the official links:

developer: unknown
Price: Free

‎Microsoft Outlook
‎Microsoft Outlook
  1. Within your email settings, choose the option Outlook if your email address ends with @, @, or @
  2. Then choose “add account
  3. The system will try to detect an email account already registered. So you should choose “Skip this account”.
  4. Then enter your email address.
  5. Press the button “Continue” but do not put the password and instead press the option that says “It’s not Outlook
  6. In the next step, check the option: “Change account provider
  7. then choose IMAP in the section “Advanced
  8. Finally, finish completing the data and mark with a “check
  9. Clever!

Please note that if two-step verification is activated on your account, you will receive a 6-digit code on your mobile phone.

Differences between IMAP and POP

Both protocols allow you recover your messages in Outlook for business but not necessarily in the same way.

With the POP protocol, the service will download messages at regular intervals (every 5 minutes for example) and will save the messages on the device used (computer or phone). By default, messages are downloaded, saved to the device in use, and deleted from the server.

If several mail clients are configured with default POP settings, the first to connect will retrieve all messages and delete them from the server. Therefore, when the second mail client (the one on your phone, for example) connects, it will not retrieve anything, because the server will reply that there are no new messages.

However, in most email clients you have the option to “keep a copy of messages on the server” to prevent this from happening.

Therefore, we recommend using POP if you only use one computer to connect to your email address and if you want to retrieve all messages to your computer.

But for purposes of a Outlook business email accountwhere you want to keep your phone and account in sync on PC, then you should use the IMAP protocol.

Benefits of setting up a company email in Outlook

There are many advantages that a company has when set up your email in Outlook. Meet some of them.

  • Check multiple mailboxes simultaneously.
  • Outlook helps develop collaborative work.
  • All your Outlook services are customizable.
  • It’s a contact database, calendar, and task and note management.
  • It combines the services between Outlook and Word.
  • Outlook improves the security of your computer.
  • Outlook improves accessibility.
  • It has an offline working mode.
  • Optimized classification of folders and files.