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How to contact Amazon by phone for free

amazon has one of the most efficient customer services in the Internet sales market, so it is not strange that a Amazon contact phonealthough it may not be easy to find if it is the first time you are looking for it, so we are going to try to guide you so that you can find it quickly.

Contact Amazon directly

Looking for it in Google you will have realized that you get both a number 900 and another 800, if you are in Spain. Both phones today no longer work, so it is not possible to contact Amazon directly by phone as they will tell you that these lines are disabled. Instead, you will have to have them contact you.

How to get Amazon to call you

For that, we must act as if we needed a return of a package or service, that is, open a claim on amazon. We proceed like this:

  1. Go to the customer service section, you can enter directly from this link.
  2. Select the corresponding option and go choosing in «Tell us more» the exact problems you are having.
  3. If you go a little further down, you will see that now two new options appear. Click on phone.
  4. Scroll through the dropdown to choose your country and enter your mobile or landline number. When you are ready click on «call me now«.
  5. After the estimated time indicated, Amazon will call the number you have provided.
  6. Remember to have all the data of your order at hand since you will need the order number that you will find in your panel as well as the conversations you have had with the seller depending on what your problem is.


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How to call Amazon from abroad

Assuming that your product is managed by Amazon Spain, for example, and you are in another country, you can choose, in addition to the previous steps by selecting the country from which we are calling, to make a call to the switchboard in Spain, which does have an operational number , What is it +34 911 23 04 13. That yes, keep in mind that they will refer you from department to department, since you are making the call to the operator who is in charge of diverting the calls.

In case that phone does not work, remember to replace the + with two zeros, since sometimes that creates problems when trying to find the amazon contact phone.

Amazon Spain phone numbers

Depending on the department you need, they have different numbers:

Customer service(+34) 900 803 711 or (+34) 800 810 251
Customer Service, Information+34 900 803 711
Kindle Customer Service+34 900 803 707
Amazon Spain offices+34 912 011 400

What types of problems does Amazon not resolve over the phone?

  • If Amazon uses a third-party carrier, they may not be able to resolve the dispute, and you may need to contact that carrier to find out where your package is.
  • If you choose one return on amazonyou must deliver the package yourself at the collection point, since Amazon does not offer this type of service, although it does provide you with the labels in some cases.

What can I do if I am not satisfied after speaking with Amazon?

  • You will receive an email that will allow you to detail the reasons for your complaint and they will probably contact you again if it is a serious case.
  • Try to call at another time to see if another operator solves your problem, or try contacting them by chat, as it is sometimes much faster.


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