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How to create an account or sign up for Spotify (Free or Premium)

The possibility of being able to enjoy streaming music has superseded other methods of enjoying music over the Internet. In the beginning, P2P services made it very easy to download music, albeit in an illegal way given the problem with copyright. Thanks to platforms like Spotifythe most successful service at the moment streaming music playbackThis problem has been solved.

Spotify has a wide catalog of music, videos or podcasts that you can enjoy from any mobile device (Android/iOS), even on both MacOS, Linux or Windows computers, thanks to the web-enabled version from any browser and even his desktop version. To be able to enjoy all the services you must sign up for Spotify from free form and even get a Premium subscription if you want additional benefits for a small monthly fee.

Create Spotify account from a web browser

To register from a computer, you must have an Internet connection that allows you to create an account, as well as an email that you use regularly or, ultimately, a Facebook active. Follow the steps below to create a new Spotify account:

  1. go to the Spotify official website in
  2. Press the link «Sign up«, you will find it at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your personal information (email 2 times to confirm, password -try to include uppercase, lowercase and some number-, your full name, date of birth and your gender).
    • Create a new account with Facebook: the process will be faster and you will also be able to see which friends use SpotifyTo do this, press the button «Sign up with Facebook«. After accepting the permissions, you will need to complete a form to create the account. After creating the account with Facebook you must link an email and a password that allow you to access the account again, in the event of loss, this will help you to recover the account. You can read our guide to change a Spotify password if you have doubts.
    • Create a new account with an email: enter your data in the form by providing a Email address that you must verify at the end of the process, these data are: email, email confirmation, password, full name (or nickname), Date of Birth, gender, share or not your data to receive promotions from Spotify and verify that you are human (press on “I’m not a robot”. Press the button “Check in«. You will receive an email to verify your account.
  • Congratulations! You can now listen to music from any device with your new account.

This procedure can be done from any platform or device, you only need to have a web browser to do it.

Create Spotify account from Android/iOS device

To listen to your favorite music from your iOS or Android mobile, you only need to install the app, saving all the playlists and Premium advantages that you had on your PC, so that you only have to worry about enjoying Spotify’s music catalog on your device:

  1. Download and install the app Spotify official (If you already have the app downloaded, skip this step):
  2. Opens the Spotify app. Click on «Check in«.
  3. will appear a new account registration screenyou have 2 methods available:
    • Register account with email: you must complete the form by entering your email address emailthe password (remember to use uppercase, lowercase and some symbol or number), full name (or nickname), Date of Birth Y gender. Press «Check in«.
    • Register account with Facebook: It’s an easy process and has many advantages, among them, you will be able to see which friends use Spotify and what they listen to (maybe you can take ideas or follow them). Press the Facebook button to open a free account. You must confirm and authorize the use of your data and your account will have been successfully created.
  4. ¡Congratulations! Now you can enjoy spotify and your catalog on any mobile device.

Remember that you will receive an email in your inbox to complete the verification process. You must click on the link you will receive and your free Spotify account will be enabled, being able to log in to Spotify securely.

Activate Premium subscription on Spotify

If you want to become a Premium user you can do it directly from the link and follow the steps that include providing a payment method, be it PayPal, credit card or even a gift card. If you are still undecided, you can stay alert because Spotify publishes promotions, some of which include a Spotify Premium free trial. Here are some of the advantages of the Premium account compared to the Spotify free account:

  • You can download the music to listen to it without an Internet connection.
  • You won’t hear those commercials (which are most likely not your musical taste and you’ll end up hating them).
  • Listen to the podcast or songs you want, on demand, that is, you can choose what to listen to at any time.
  • Skip the songs you want, without limits.
  • High quality sound.
  • Increased speed when moving through the Spotify catalog.

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