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How to create an account or sign up for Tinder

You want flirt or meet people? Go ahead with Tinder! The possibility of meeting new people with different ways of thinking is very attractive, and even more so if it allows us to find a partner. Tinder is one of the most successful online dating platforms (released in 2012), which will allow you to contact and flirt with different users from anywhere in the world.

Tinder acts as a social network that relates different users with common tastes and the same location. The option to communicate with other users is activated only when both have swiped the profile picture to the right or «Like«. Remember, Tinder is an online dating app! Take advantage of it and meet people, you can even try find your friends on Tinder to gossip their profiles.

If the idea appeals to you and you want to become a user of the application, below you can consult all the alternatives to install the application and get the most out of it.

Create Tinder account from Android / iOS

Tinder for mobile devices is the best option, the application is very fast and you can also take advantage of the native options of this social network. Follow the steps below to download, install, and create a Tinder account:

  1. Download and install Tinder for Android/iOS (If you already have the app installed, skip this step):
  2. Opens the application.
  3. Choose the registration method:
    • Login with Facebook: If you press the Facebook button, your Tinder account would be registered by linking it to Facebook, it is a quick and easy process. You must accept the request for permissions.
    • Sign in with phone number: If you sign up using your phone number, Tinder will send you an SMS with a verification code (if it is Android, it will be activated automatically, but if you have iOS you will have to enter the code manually)
  4. Welcome to Tinder! A screen with some tips will appear, press the button «Got it».
  5. check:
    • phone number option: It will ask you to enter your email (uncheck the option to receive news and offers from Tinder), which will receive a message from Tinder with the subject “Protect your Tinder account: verify your email”, when you open it, you will see a button “VERIFY NOW”, press it when you receive the message. Press «Continue«.
    • facebook option: it will be faster, it will automatically start at the next step (if you have any data in your Facebook profile, Tinder will use it during the registration process).
  6. Enter your Name that will appear on your Tinder profile. Press «Continue«.
  7. Enter your date of birth and press «Continue«.
  8. Choose the gender: man, woman or other (you can mark the option that your gender appears in your profile, it is optional). Press «Continue«.
  9. Enter your study center, some of the most famous or common ones will appear as a suggestion. Press «Continue«.
  10. add photos: Tinder will ask you to add some photos, for this you will have to give permissions to the application. Select several photos of yourself and press «okay«.
  11. Enable location: it is essential enable geolocation To find people near you, accept the permission request.
  12. Clever! To enjoy Tinder, you can now swipe left (reject, don’t like it) or right (like it).

As you use Tinder, you will gradually disable certain enhancements, such as the «super like«, an option that will allow you to get the attention of a person, incredible but true!. In addition, there are certain options with micropayments such as «BOOST«, which allows you to be the main profile of your area for 30 minutes, something that will make you have many matches or likes; and for the most demanding, there is TinderPlusoffers:

  • 1 “BOOST” every month,
  • “Unlimited likes”,
  • 5 “Super Likes” every day,
  • choose who can see your profile,
  • go back and swipe again (maybe you liked the profile but you were too quick and rejected it)
  • and Passport, an option to “virtually travel” and set your location anywhere in the world, this will allow you to flirt with local people from a distance.
NoteNote: This process may vary slightly between Android and iOS devices, although the guide will work for both platforms.

Create an account on Tinder from Windows Phone

For those Windows Phone users who have doubts about whether it is possible to use Tinder, the answer is that it is possible. Although there is no official application for this operating system, there is a method of using the platform:

  1. The first step is to download a Tinder APK from APKMirror.
  2. Remember that you must access the configuration options for your terminal to enable the download of applications that are not officially found in the download store. Next you must access the security options for the installation of unknown applications.
  3. When the application has been installed on the phone, you must enter the data to create your user account in Tinder. You can visit the guide for create an account from Android / iOSsince it will be a similar process.

Create account on Tinder from Windows/MacOS PC

Tinder is an application designed specifically for mobile devices (phones being the most appropriate, although it can be used on tablets) and does not have an official version for desktop computers, but don’t worry! Here are the steps to open one Tinder account using an EMULATOR from a PC:

  1. go to BlueStacks to install an emulator, with it you can run Tinder on your computer.
  2. When you have installed the emulator, you will have access to your account in the same way as from a smartphone, but from the computer.
  3. Complete all the registration data: in this case, you can follow the guide to create an account from Android / iOSit is the same procedure.
  4. Clever! You will already have your Tinder account created and activated on your PC.

With this application you can contact different users and start Start a conversation with those with whom you have connected. You just have to follow each step to be able to register successfully. Under no circumstances download from pages of dubious origin that could endanger the security of your mobile phone.

And if you want access to advanced and exclusive features, you can always opt for Tinder Gold free. Do not miss our guide to access this exclusive option!