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How to create an account on Discord

Discord is a chat app that allows you to chat with people from various communities on a single platform, being able to enter from various devices.

What is Discord

In addition to chatting, this social platform It allows you to do many more things, browsing between the servers that make up each community, once accepted and you have full rights to use it, you can, in addition to text, send photos, videos and even participate in group calls if the moderator has that tab enabled.

Advantages of using Discord

Something that distinguishes Discord from other platforms is:

  • Easy to use with a very friendly interface.
  • Registration in each community can be done with a single click.
  • low latency when broadcasting live or participating in calls with several members.
  • Multi platform. Being able to access both from a PC and a mobile device without losing our messages.
  • Many customization options in each group, with fonts and colors for each user.

Steps to open a Discord account

  • Accede to this link and covers the data. Click on «Continue“when you finish.
  • Solve the captcha by clicking on the box to prove that you are not a bot (it does not always ask).
  • Verify your account by entering a phone number. You will receive an SMS that you will have to put. You may also be asked to verify by email.
  • If all went well you should now see your Discord panel.

How to sign up for Discord on mobile

  1. Install the version for smartphones or iPhone on your device properly:
    • Android mobisocial.arcade
    • iOSid985746746
  2. Now open the app and click on «Sign up«.
  3. Fill in your details and click on «Continue«.
  4. Surely you must validate your email or phone as in the PC version.

What are Discord servers for?

Once you are inside, you will have seen a series of windows called servers, similar to the chat rooms of years ago. They have several functions:

  1. Group your contacts in one place and chat with them, receiving notifications of new conversations.
  2. Make calls and video calls.
  3. Share screen. Very useful in case of presentations or if you are playing and want others to see you.