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How to create an account on Telegram

Telegram It is one of the most popular messaging apps, even rivaling WhatsApp in terms of number of users. It is not for less and it offers much more security and functionalities than its other competitors, so creating a Telegram account is very important as well as simple.

What is it and main functionalities of Telegram?

It is an app in which security is rewarded above all, and it is even possible to add to your contacts without having to use their number, for example. Let’s see the main features:

  1. groups. As in WhatsApp they are chats where you can read and write with more contacts, with administrators always controlling these groups, and it is possible to create a new one from the same app.
  2. Channels. They are used to receive notifications. Simply put, they would be like closed groups, without the ability to write to them. They are used by many company accounts to send notifications to their customers, for example with the latest offers.
  3. bots. always present in Telegramare computer programs that automate tasks; search for a certain song, send photos to contacts, or simply have a conversation with your potential customers.

How to create a Telegram account on Android and iOS

For smartphones, the installation of Telegram is very simple and intuitive, you will only need a few minutes and a stable Internet connection.

  • Depending on whether you have a smartphone or iPhone go to the official store and write Telegram in the search bar, or access these links that we leave you:
developer: unknown
Price: Free

‎Telegram Messenger
‎Telegram Messenger
developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

  1. Now click on the button highlighted in the image to start the installation, the same if you have a iPhone.
  2. Wait a few seconds until it tells you that the installation is complete and you see the icon Telegram on your mobile.
  3. Click on the icon you will see on your applications menu to start creating your account.
  4. Go ahead “Begin» and enter your phone number to receive a SMS verification.
  5. If you do not receive the message, Telegram will send you a automatic call to validate your account.
  6. will touch you now put your name and accept the terms and conditions to continue.
  7. You can then sync your contacts If you wish, otherwise you can skip this step and start using Telegram from now on.

Create a Telegram account for desktop

Once we have done the previous steps and we have the app on our mobile, there is a version for PC that is quite comfortable and easy to install:

  • Enter your phone number and click on «Following» and confirm by clicking OK.
  • they will make you one call to check that number is active. Don’t worry as you won’t have to speak, just write down a code.
  • Enter your personal information and that’s it, you’ll already have your account active.
  • You can choose to either use it via web browser or download the PC version of Telegram.
  • Once you install it, you can open it with your data just as you did in the web version.