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How to create a new free Outlook / Hotmail email account

Outlook is the free email service of microsoftreplacing both MSNHotmail What Hotmailcoinciding with the disappearance of msn-messenger. Today, Outlook/Hotmail offers access to multiple services offered by microsoft (cloud storage, antivirus, antimalware, office automation programs/apps and many more).

Next, Accounts & Sessionswe will explain how to create your personalized email account in, or

Register an email from Outlook / Hotmail

To start the registration process you will have to go to the official website. accessing from either you can create a outlook mail from your mobile or a PC. You will only need a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome or others (these browsers are available on almost all operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or MacOS).

Here is the procedure for creating an email account:

  1. Go into, to create the account from Outlook or Hotmail.
  2. Choose an address for your account (commonly “name.surname + date of birth”, although it can be any phrase or word), you will be able to choose between the domains,,,, Remember that the account address must be available! Although yes someone has used your favorite address.
  3. Press «Following» and Outlook will offer alternative name and domain options.
    Create account screen in Outlook
  4. create your password: We recommend a minimum of 5 characters, and include numbers, lowercase, uppercase and symbols. This way you will have a secure password that will make it difficult for other people to access your account.
  5. You can select «Show password» to see the password as you type and avoid typing it wrong, otherwise the password will be encrypted.
  6. If you want to receive information, tips, or offers from Microsoft, check the second box.
  7. Press the blue button «Following«.
    Sign in to Outlook screen
    Create account screen in Outlook
  8. Enter your name and surname and press the button «Following«.
    Sign in to Outlook screen
    Create account screen in Outlook
  9. Select your country of origin and enter your date of birth and press the button «Following«.
    Sign in to Outlook screen
    Create account screen in Outlook
  10. Real Person Verification: Microsoft wants to know that you are a person and not a bot trying to automatically register an account. Enter the images that appear on the screen. If the image is not clearly visible (difficult characters), you can press “Sound” and the system will dictate what to type. You can also press “New” and the system will generate a new image – hopefully easier to read/write.
  11. Press the blue button «Following«.
    Sign in to Outlook screen
    Create account screen in Outlook
  12. Congratulations! you already have an Outlook/Hotmail account created, the system will automatically send you to your inbox.
    Sign in to Outlook screen
    Create account screen in Outlook
Advice: In your new Outlook (formerly known as Hotmail) inbox you will find an official message from the “Outlook Team” welcoming you. In addition, it will offer you some recommendations to manage your new account, read it carefully!

Official Outlook / Hotmail app for mobile (Android/iOS)

Creating an Outlook/Hotmail account from a mobile phone is an equally simple procedure and you have to do it from the browser. You will then be able to log in from the mobile app for Hotmail. Here are the official links to download the application:

Most important features of the Outlook/Hotmail application

  • Notifications: When you receive a new email, a notification will appear on your phone (notifications can be turned off).
  • Speed ​​when using the app: as it is made with native code of the operating system (Android/iOS/Windows/MacOS/Linux), the speed is greater than using the service from the web browser.
  • Contact integration: Outlook will be able to access your contacts (upon permission request) so that you can use your phone’s contacts to send an email.
  • Calendar– Schedule emails for the future or organize emails with the built-in calendar.
  • Ease of configuration: The application practically configures itself. Your concern will be to have the email and password to log in, Outlook will do the rest!
  • Add multiple accounts: you will be able to configure two or more email accounts in Outlook 365even if they are from other services or from your own domain!

Is it possible to create an account from the mobile application?

Unfortunately Outlook It was initially thought of as a email manager. For this reason, Microsoft does not allow you to create accounts from the mobile application or from the PC, only from the web browser. Although once the Outlook account is created, you will be able to log in from practically any place and device.

Add additional contact information

It is very common for new users to create an Outlook/Hotmail account and not add additional or contact information to recover the account in case of loss of access. Adding more data to your personal information is essential. Then follow the steps below to add alternate contact information as a backup/recovery method:

  1. Accede to, is the section of security of your account.
  2. Sign in, and if necessary, Microsoft may send you an SMS or email (to your alternate address) to verify your identity. You will only be asked to validate your identity once for each device you log in with.
  3. Enter the section “Security Contact Information“ to configure your security.
  4. Click on the link “Add security information“.
  5. You can add a phone number or a Alternate email (even other than Outlook) recovery.
  6. Verify your new contact method: either via SMS message or alternative email, you will receive a message with instructions and a multi-digit code that you must enter in the corresponding form.
  7. Clever! your account is more secure, you can recover it in case of problems in the future.

This process will give you more security in your account and you can be calmer. Whenever you have problems or carelessness, the recovery of your Outlook/Hotmail email account will be very simple thanks to the new verification methods introduced.

Benefits of an Outlook / Hotmail account

Having a Microsoft email account is really helpful. It brings many additional services, plugins and extensions that practically no other Internet company has (except Google with Gmail or Yahoo!). Here are the benefits and advantages of having an Outlook/Hotmail account:

  • Access to Office 365: you will be able to access all the Office package (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) through Microsoft Online.
  • Integrated calendar– Use the built-in calendar to organize your tasks, plus it syncs/integrates with other services like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and more.
  • native apps: Outlook has mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. They will help you access faster and log in automatically.
  • Xbox: By having an Outlook account, you will automatically have an Xbox account, which is very useful if you have this console for video games.
  • Sign in to Skype: You will be able to access Skype, OneDrive, Windows Store and many more services using your Outlook account.
  • free storage space: You will have 5GB of space in OneDrive, the Microsoft cloud, to save any file you want (even use it to backup your photos or mobile files).
  • Windows Store: Access the official Microsoft application and program store with your Outlook/Hotmail account.

You already know the most outstanding benefits, but there are many more and you will undoubtedly discover them when you use your Outlook/Hotmail account 😉