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How to create an account or register with Google

Google is, since 1998, one of the most present companies on the Internet, offering apart from its search engine, a wide variety of products; googlecloud, google playYouTube, Android and Google Mapsto mention some of the most important.

Therefore, having a Google account is essential, otherwise you will not be able to access all the services offered in a more personalized wayThat is, in order to use Gmail, you will have to create an account with the domain, although it is not necessary to use all the services mentioned, since, for example, you could log in with Google on YouTube with an Outlook email . So, we are going to explain how register your google account Step by Step.

Register a Google account

As we have already anticipated, you can create your google account good with one gmail account or another different email provider. In any case, the procedure will be the same and it is as we explain below:

  1. Accede to from your trusted browser.
    Create Google account screen.
  2. enter Your personal information:
    • Name and surname (real, in case you must later recover your google account).
    • Username If you are looking to create an account in Gmail, if you want to use or, for example, click on “I prefer to use my current email address” and it will let you include that email.
    • Enter the password for the accountwhich will ask you to confirm by typing it again
  3. Press “Next”.
  4. Verify your identity.
    1. If you have chosen to use an alternative email, Google will send an email to that address to copy a code in the form that appears on the screen. To finish this step, click on “Verify”.
      Google sign up screen
      Create Google account screen
    2. In case of choosing an email account [email protected]you can skip this step.
  5. Verify your phone number with a free SMS. Google needs to validate your identity, and in addition, this step will help you recover your account if you forget your password or have problems signing in.
    Google sign up screen
    Create Google account screen
  6. Receive an SMS with a code in a few minutes similar to “G-XXXXXX”. If not, click on “Call” to receive an automatic call from Google and have the code dictated by voice.
    Google sign up screen
    Create Google account screen
  7. complete your profile covering all the data that appears, it is important that they are valid data, although you can change them later. Click on “Next”.
    Google sign up screen
    Create Google account screen
  8. Decide if you want to receive video calls from certain Google services. You will help Google to offer you personalized ads and it will also be able to send you messages from its services.
  9. Accept Google’s terms and conditions of use.
  10. Clever! Your has already been created Google account.

When finished, it will take you to the account options main page, where it will let you change several options, such as your profile picture and others related to the security and privacy of your account. Always remember to reinforce the security of your data.

Sign in to Google from a mobile with Android / iOS

in case you want register a google account On your Android or iOS devices, the process is extremely simple, it is no different from doing it from a PC, only that you can also do it from the official Google application for both operating systems, you can download them from:

Although these applications usually come installed by default on the terminals, depending on the manufacturer, they could come without them, so it is worth checking. In the case of iOS, you will have to install it manually, since this application is not included in iPhones.

What to do after creating Google account

By having your Google account you will have many associated services for free, so it is worth being cautious in its use or that you take into account certain tips to prevent your account from being stolen. Here are some safety tips:

  • Assign a phone number to that account to recover it: in case of not being able to access, you can recover your access data by means of an SMS. In order to add that phone number to your account, go to
  • Add a recovery email: if you access this link It will let you add an email where Google will send a recovery link in case you lose your password or if you don’t remember any of your access data.
  • Modify your password often and don’t show it to anyone. Remember to use special characters, uppercase and lowercase numbers.
  • Download the official Google applications to save time and always have control over who accesses under your username.

Lastly and most importantly,have fun with your new google account!

Services available with your new Google account

In this section we are going to discover the most useful applications that you can use with the new Google account that you just created, make the most of Google’s full potential! Here is the list of linked services:

  • Seeker: Searches related to your tastes will appear, and it will remember these to show you similar things in the future.
  • Youtube: Recommended videos, channel monitoring and more that you can only enjoy if you have an account.
  • google drive: 5 GB of storage in addition to including an office suite with spreadsheets, text editor, presentation editor, forms, drawings and much more.
  • Android: Indispensable to install anything on your smartphone. Synchronize your devices through your Google account (contacts, history, messages, chats, etc).
  • Google Keep: It allows you to write things down and save them in the cloud, so you never forget anything.
  • Google Maps: The perfect travel companion. In addition to the streets, it indicates the shortest path and nearby establishments. It is your perfect travel guide.
  • Adwords and Adsense: the applications preferred by those who use websites to advertise and earn money with their content.
  • Google Chrome: It doesn’t matter if you change your laptop or PC, when you sync with Google it will save all your bookmarks and preferences to upload them to your new device once you log in. It is the best browser in the world!

These are only the most important, to discover any more that may interest you, we recommend that you visit the website and look for the one that best suits you.