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How to create an account or sign up for Mega is the successor of MegaUpload Y Mega Videoone of the largest Internet companies in data storage services that in 2013 were discharged due to legal problems. Since its reopening, more than 15 million users use its services to share all types of files over the Internet.

Mega provides when opening a new account 20Gb of free spacein addition to data encryption to have a secure account, that is, it encrypts all the files stored on its servers (videos, photos, programs, mp3, etc.).

You may sign up for mega either create an account to enjoy all its benefits. In or your former domain, will be able to register your account in a few seconds, it will only ask you for an email and a password.

Create free account in Mega

For register an account in Mega You will need a valid email, a computer or any device with a mobile browser (Android or iOS), and a few seconds to complete the process. Follow the steps below to create the account:

  1. go to or go directly to .
  2. Click on «Create Account«.
    Create account screen in MEGA
  3. Enter your personal information, such as name, surname, email and choose a secure password. It is important that said email is accessible and that you remember your password, since you will have to validate the registration.
    Sign up screen in MEGA
    Create account screen in MEGA
  4. Accept the agreement with mega terms of service.
  5. Press «Create Account«.
  6. You will receive a confirmation link to validate your registration in your email inbox. If after a while it does not arrive, you can press “Resend” or modify the email.
    Sign up screen in MEGA
    Create account screen in MEGA
  7. Click on the link in the received email “Confirm my email” or you can copy and paste the link that appears under the red button.
    Sign up screen in MEGA
    Create account screen in MEGA
  8. Enter the email Y passwordthen press «Confirm your account«.
    Sign up screen in MEGA
    Create account screen in MEGA
  9. Choose the account type what do you want to create The “Free” account gives you 50 GB of free space. If you want an account with the “Premium” plan, you can change it once inside.
  10. IMPORTANT: Save the encryption key that will appear on the screen. Write it down or download it to a file. The encryption key will be used to recover MEGA account if you have some problem.
    Sign up screen in MEGA
    Create account screen in MEGA
  11. Congratulations! you already have the Mega account.
Useful: When you access your Mega account for the first time, you will be guided through the different functionalities that this account can offer you, MEGA will try to make known the most important and useful, take advantage of this little help/introduction to the service!

It has a Premium plan in MEGA

First you must create the free MEGA account, once the account is created, you can change to the plan «Premium«. You’ll get more storage capacity, faster upload and download speeds, plus increased speed/quantity limits when transferring files. Plan rates are affordable and they have 4 plans. Next, the Premium rates of the MEGA storage service:


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  1. Enter in
  2. Choose between the different rates/plans (you can make a discounted annual payment or pay monthly):
    • LITE: 400 GB to store files and 1 TB download/upload per month.
    • PRO-I: 2 TB to save files and 2 TB download/upload per month.
    • PRO-II: 8 TB to save files and 8 TB download/upload per month.
    • PRO-III: 16 TB to save files and 16 TB download/upload per month
  1. Choose the payment method: You can pay with Bitcoin, credit/debit/prepaid card, bank transfer, among others.
  2. Contract period: if you sign up for an annual membership they offer a 20% discount, you can also sign up for 2 years with a 30% discount.
  3. Choose automatic renewal of the membership or deactivate it. If you choose it, when your contract period ends, it will be automatically renewed and your previously selected payment method will be charged.
  4. Click on «Subscribe» to make the payment with the chosen method.
  5. Clever! Once the payment has been made, you already have your MEGA Premium account.

If at any time you decide cancel your Mega Premium subscriptionyou can go to the configuration / payments section to cancel your plan, and at the end of the last month you have paid, your account will return to the “Free” plan.

Unfortunately they don’t exist Free MEGA Premium Accounts, there are no tests or sweepstakes or promotions. At MEGA they know that they have an exceptional service and for this reason they do not believe that more than a “Free” plan is necessary to try it and be encouraged to change rates. There are hosting companies or domains, among others, that from time to time give away a 1-year membership to their clients, you can create an alert on Google to find out, maybe you’ll be lucky!


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Create Mega account from Android / iOS

MEGA is easily installed in the iOS or Android devices through official stores. The process to create an account is similar to the one explained above, don’t worry! It will be easy to register a free account from the official application. Next, follow the steps to create a MEGA account from Android/iOS:

  1. Download the official application depending on your operating system:
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Press «Create Account» and follow the instructions.
  4. Congratulations! you already have a “Free” MEGA account, always remember to put the real data in your profile, so, in case of problems, you can always recover your MEGA account.

now you can log in to Mega. The mobile application offers extra features, such as: upload photos directly from your device to the cloud, download files, share files with your contacts, synchronize files, backup copies, among others;

The service is similar to that offered by companies such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. MEGA has many advantages if you use its applicationtake advantage of!.

Benefits of having a Mega account

Registering a MEGA account has many benefits, it is the leader in the sector for a reason. Some of those benefits of a MEGA account are:

  • 50GB free to store all kinds of files.
  • Speed ​​when uploading and downloading files.
  • Security: system AES key encryption between users.
  • megachat: Communicate with your contacts anonymously and securely without being spied on by third parties.
  • Premium Plans with 4 rates and features that increase depending on the plan.
  • Multi platform: applications for PCs, mobile terminals and web browsers.
  • MegaCMD Console: manage your files hosted on MEGA from the command line.
  • MEGA bird: extension for thunderbird to send very large files faster and without interruptions.

MEGA has even more features, since practically every week they add improvements to their interface, speed improvements and much more. It is a highly recommended service.

Security tips when creating an account on Mega

you have already seen that create a mega account it’s easy, but it’s always important to apply certain security concepts during the creation process or afterwards. To avoid losing files or even your entire MEGA account, follow the instructions below:

  • strong password: avoid using personal data or a password that is easy to discover, use uppercase, lowercase, symbols and special characters, remember that you can always use a password manager like 1Password or others to save it. You can too change mega password from time to time to ensure the privacy of your account
  • Real data: In case of problems, entering your real data will always be beneficial when it comes to recovering your account.
  • Apps and extensions: use the official Android/iOS applications, they are safe and offer the best features, there are also versions for Windows/MacOS/Linux, use them!
  • encryption key: download it when creating your account or send it to a secure email, if you have problems logging in or lose any data from your account, this key will allow you to access the account again and change the password or email. MEGA is an extremely secure service, so secure that if you lose the encryption key, not even they will be able to access your files, as the encryption AES it is impassable.

Keep in mind our tips and start enjoying your MEGA account, now you can share, upload files to mega and enjoy many other features!


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