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How to create a Gmail account without a phone

gmail It is the largest email provider in the world that allows access to all Google services such as Google Drive, YouTube, Blogger and many others, so it is important that you know how to create a gmail account without telephonein case you need to use any of its features.

Starting we can create a gmail account without using any mobile, however, recently to fight against bots, Gmail has started to require a mandatory phone number to create an account, although it doesn’t always happen, if you have to give them your data to verify your number, but if you don’t want to expose your private data there are certain tricks to avoid such verification.

Reasons for asking you to use a phone number in Gmail

Actually there are not many causes that can lead to this:

  • That you have created many Gmail accounts from your personal IP.
  • If said IP has been detected by Google servers as a possible spammer. This is likely if you use a public wifi where many people can connect and create the Gmail account.
  • Randomly. there are cases of people who do not ask for it and have more than 3 Gmail emails, and others who ask for it at the first.

How to create your account in Gmail without using a mobile

  1. To start you will need the Opera browser, if you do not have it, you can download it from its official website.
  2. Click where it says VPN and then on the slider bar to activate it. You can choose the country just below, in this case we have chosen Europe.
  3. With all this ready, go to Gmail, it will ask you to add a series of personal data and a password.
  4. Cover all data minus the phone. Remember that you must be over 16 years of age to use Gmail, so don’t get confused when entering your date of birth.
  5. click on Next and you should already be inside your Gmail account.
  6. The first time try to enter from the same Opera so as not to attract attention by having two different IPs.
  7. You may be asked for a later phone number to loginalthough that can sometimes be avoided by simply skipping said step.

Use an SMS validation web service

This is another way of create your Gmail account without using your personal number, although it is not 100% effective, in some cases it works. There are several:

In all these websites, you will only need copy that numberchoose the country code in Gmail and if everything goes well, wait on that website to receive the confirmation SMSto paste it on the Gmail screen after a few seconds.