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How to create an account or register an email in Gmail

Nowadays it is almost essential have an email address to be able to use the Internet. In fact, many social networks and applications only allow registration through email, making it impossible to use without a trusted email provider. gmail is the best option for many users, since in addition to offering an email with a lot of space, it also gives access to other services of the Google company (such as YouTube, Maps, Wazeamong others).

Create one new email account in Gmail It is an easy and fast, almost automatic process, it only requires a few simple steps (and your personal data) and, in certain cases, identity checks by means of a telephone number. In Accounts & Sessions we will help you get a account.

Sign up for Gmail and create an email account

To create your new Gmail account you must follow all the instructions that we will detail, don’t worry as they are quite simple, just keep in mind that it will only allow you to create an email account at the address. If you want to use the other Google applications, any other email would do. In any case, when verifying your new account you will need to have a mobile handy, and Google will ask you to verify your identity through an SMS. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Enter this link to register your new gmail account directly or, if you prefer, you can go to and click on «Create an account«.
  2. It will ask you for a series of personal data about you:
    • Name and surname.
    • Username (next to Gmail address): This name is to which your email address will be associated, along with a You will not be able to choose a duplicate name, so if another person has already registered that name, you will have to try a different one or enter numbers, letters and even periods.
    • choose your password. It will ask you for a minimum of 8 characters with numbers and letters, so it must be one that you remember well and that is safe.
  3. Confirm the password and press «Following«.
    Create user screen in Gmail
    Create account screen in Gmail.
  4. Verify via SMS your phone number. It must be a valid one (Google wants to know that you are a real person with a valid identity and not a computer program) and that it can receive messages, since in case of account loss you can use it to recover your access. Click on «Following«.
    Create user screen in Gmail
    Screen to create account in Gmail.
  5. You will receive a SMS from Google with a code similar to: “G-XXXXXX”, you will need to enter the number “XXXXXX” on the account creation page. If after a while it doesn’t arrive, click on «To call» so that an answering machine dictates the code to you. When you’re done, click “Following«.
    Create user screen in Gmail
    Create account screen in Gmail.
  6. Personal information: enter the data requested to finish the process and when you finish, press the «Following»
    • Check that your phone number is correct. You can change it later, but you will have to go through the entire process above again.
    • Includes a second recovery email in case of password loss.
    • Enter the date of birth and gender, they must be real, remember that they will help you to recover access in case of loss.
  7. They will ask for your consent to receive video calls or messages from Google, here you can accept or reject.
  8. Accept the Terms and Conditions of use to have your Google account.

You Google account @gmail.comhas been created successfully!

Create user screen in Gmail
Create account screen in Gmail.

When finished, the page should load and take you to your Gmail inbox. To access in your next visits you can do it from either in case of using Chrome you can install a plugin with direct access to Gmail.

How to create a Gmail account from mobile

To perform these steps, let’s assume you don’t already have a Google account. Follow these steps:

  • get into your Android/iOS mobile and go to Settings > Accounts > Add account

  • choose Google and after a few seconds a new window will pop up (you may have to enter your PIN).

  • click on Create account>For me and enter all your personal data.
  • With this you will added your Gmail/Google account to your device.

Gmail app for Android / iOS

as you already have gmail account creatednow you can take advantage of it on your mobile devices, so that when an email arrives you can see it from your mobile, in addition to accessing other Google services.

If you have an Android smartphone, Gmail is almost certainly installed by default, but this is not the case with Apple products (iPhone/iPad).

How to protect your account

Once you have your Gmail created, the whole process does not end there, since you still have to give it a few brushstrokes, especially in terms of privacy and security, to make sure that no one can access your data and that you can use Google services without worry, for example, that your account will be stolen or things will be written without your permission. Soon we will show you our best tips to protect your account.

  • Choose an account recovery phone number. It’s a lifesaver that could come in handy if you lose your Gmail account password. To do this, go to this link and follow the instructions
  • Alternative email address: As before, you will ensure that you do not lose access, being able to receive a recovery link to reactivate your Gmail account. You must go to this link can edit and choose your secondary email.
  • Use a hard to guess password: is the best protection. Change it regularly and write it down in a notebook for added security.
  • take advantage of all the official google appssuch as YouTube, Waze, Maps and many more, without the need to register, you only have to log in with your Gmail account, so take advantage of them!

Services automatically linked to your Gmail account

Having a Gmail account gives you unlimited access to many Google services, so having Gmail means having one. Google account practically. Then you will know where to log in with your email account. Some of the most common services are:

  • Google: By logging in from the browser, you will get more specific search results, as well as see related ads while reading your emails in Gmail.
  • Youtube: Just by entering your Gmail you will have access to all the content and you will even be able to upload videos on said streaming platform.
  • google drive: It comes associated with your Gmail and gives you 15GB free to store whatever you want.
  • Google Keep: To jot down small notes so you don’t forget anything. You can access them from any device.
  • maps: Shows your location using GPS and also allows you to save your routes to consult them later.
  • Google ads: To manage the ads you publish on Google and open an advertising campaign.
  • google street view: An amazing place where you can browse wonderful panoramic images from all parts of the world
  • Translator: the essential tool to be able to translate texts on the spot and even conversations.
  • Google Chrome: Synchronize your bookmarks and all your information just by signing in with your Gmail associated with it.

New products may appear that are not on this list, so you can check this official listing from to see what services they have.