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7 tools to create covers and banners for Facebook

Have a cover or banners in your Facebook will help you customize and optimize your page within this social network. Likewise, this image should not only represent the most relevant characteristics of your life or business, but it should also be created based on the type of public that your page wants to attract. Therefore, it is essential that when creating the perfect image, you have the support of tools to create covers and banners.

Today, you will know which are the best 7 tools to create covers and banners for Facebook; in addition to the main features that each and every one offers you to edit and create incredible images for represent and promote your business idea or entrepreneurship on Facebook.

Top best tools to create covers and banners for Facebook

One of the main features of the Facebook social network is found in the wide variety of options and tools provided for entrepreneurship, personalization and promotion of small and large businesses. Taking advantage of every benefit offered by this platform is ideal if you want expand the number of sales, acceptance and admiration of the audience. And this is the main purpose of always using banners and a proper cover on our Facebook account.

1. Canvas

Canvasone of the tools to create covers and banners with best interface for beginners and graphic design professionals. Among its main features, it stands out that it facilitates its use through a computer, smartphone and tablet; helping to visualize, edit and elaborate the necessary image from any device you require, just by logging into your account.

On the other hand, this tool has its own application as a web page, in which various sections that protect multiple image templates can be viewed. In case you need create a cover or banners for Facebook, you will only have to locate yourself in the corresponding section and then select the template that best suits your preferences; or simply create your own design from scratch.

2. PicMonkey


PicMonkey allows users to capture and edit images with the best tools, quickly and easily; among its most captivating options is its wide variety of filters, which allow anyone to become an editing professional. Just like the Canva website, PicMonkey has its own section for creating Facebook covers; there it provides all the necessary tools for the creation of projects for its users.



BannerSnach It is ideal for you if your main interest is to advertise your business with an animated banner that captures the immediate attention of the public; BannerSnack’s editing tools are perfect for you. It is important to note that among its many options, they also protect numerous templates that you can use and improve as you wish; so the limits are only placed by you.

4.Timeline Cover Banner

Timeline Cover Banner

Timeline Cover Banner is an easy to use image editing tool; Within all its editing options, the large amount of funds that the platform offers to the publisher. In addition to this, they also have basic customization options; such as adding text, drawings, shapes, photos and adjusting the brightness levels of the banner or cover.

All this and more, while you can admire the end result inside your simulated Facebook home page; where You can choose the possible profile photo that best suits the type of cover you have editedgreatly facilitating the final presentation of your group or official profile.



EasyCoverMarker it will permit you edit and enhance your Facebook banner or cover without the need to download an app or register on their website; its great utility is offered for free. Therefore, you will only require your creativity to make all the images you want. It should be noted that, like the previous option, it gives you the possibility of using its tools without any difficulty.

6. PhotoJet


PhotoJet is really helpful if your wish for create a cover or banners for Facebook It is intended to improve the appearance of your business profile. Since, the focus of said application is focused on creating images for business use; It is worth noting that its use is completely online and free.

7.Adobe Spark

Tools to create covers and banners

Adobe Spark is a tool to create covers and banners for free; this one is inspired by PhotoShop. The editing app offers a version for computers and another for smartphones, which further expand its efficiency when used.

The main focus of this tool is to offer a professional image editing and with each of the necessary options for the task; without being exactly complicated to understand and manipulate. This makes it an accessible website for beginners or people with advanced knowledge.