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How to create emojis for Discord

Discord It is the preferred messaging app for many, especially gamers and professionals of all kinds. It is a platform that offers many customization possibilities, both in the chat backgrounds and in the emoticons that are used in them. This time, we are going to show you how to create emojis for Discord and thus give an original touch to your room.

Create emojis for Discord from PC or Mac

  • The first step is create an emoji design in programs like Paint, Photoshop or similar. You can guitarte webs how is to inspire you.
  • Remember that some emojis, especially custom ones, should not have a background. To avoid problems you can try with this website which crops the image from your browser. Of course, we recommend that you download the edited image in PNG.
  • Once you have your emoji ready and saved, remember that your maximum size is 256KBand the dimensions should be at most 128×128 pixels, although Discord will reduce it to 32×32 to save space.

  • Opens Discord and go to your server, click on the tab indicated next to the name.

  • Click on server settings.

  • go to Emojis > Upload Emoji.
  • Find the emoji you just created on your hard drive. Remember that if it is a GIF you will not be able to upload it unless you have the Nitro Discord Membership.

  • Once you upload it, the list will be filled as we show you. If you click where it says “Alias» you can change the name of the emoji so that your server can find it more easily.
  • Please note that these emojis can only be used in the Discord server that you are an administrator, especially if they are personalized.

Create emojis for Discord from mobile or tablet

In this case, we can use certain apps that will make our lives a little easier when designing our emojis:

  • Download and install your favorite app. There are many and varied BitMoji, Zepeto, FaceQ, Memojietc.
  • Most of them either let you create an avatar or use a photo to edit it into an emoji. You’ll need to give them access to your photos and your device’s hard drive for them to work properly.
  • You will need to install Discord for Android either iOS and thus it will allow you to upload the emojis directly.

  • Opens Discord and go to your server, once there, click on the three points.

  • Click on the Settings icon to go to the server settings.

  • Click on emojia new window will appear.

  • when you give to upload emoji It will ask you for access to your images, say yes and add it from your gallery to Discord. When you do, your emojis will appear in the list below.

Remove emoji from Discord

Sometimes, and due to the limitation of only being able to upload 50 emojis at a time, you may need to delete some to enter new ones, for this:

  • go to Discord server that you have created and click on the tab next to its name and go to Server Settings > Emojis.

  • As you can see we still have the test emoji that we have uploaded before.

  • Hovering the mouse over them will show a red cross, if you click on it, the emoji will be deleted.
  • Repeat the same process with all the emojis you want delete on Discord.