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How to create a WhatsApp link

WhatsApp has been evolving throughout all these years to offer us something more than a simple messaging app, being able to create company accounts, read QR codes and even create a link of WhatsApp so that we can add contacts more easily either for our business or to network.

Create a WhatsApp link manually

By accessing the WhatsApp-API You can make your contacts enter directly to your chat window with a personalized link, for this you must follow the following guideline: that is, you must include your phone associated with the messaging app with the corresponding international prefix. For example, for Spain it would be 34 and for Mexico 52, so two custom links could be like this:

  • Spain:
  • Mexico:

As you can see, no zeros, no hyphens, and no + symbol are included. Just put the whole number in a row.

If what you want is for an automatic message to go in said link, so that when people enter through said whatsapp link said text appears without having to be [email protected]:


You must write the number as we have taught you before, and for the encodedtext, you must add a %twenty in each space of the sentence. For example, to write a text like “I will assist you as soon as possible» would be something like this:

  • attend%20as%20as%20soon%20possible

Note that said link is publicthat is, anyone who copies that link can access your business.

Create WhatsApp link with third-party websites

To save you some work, there are websites that are responsible for creating these links and putting the message you want. They are very easy to find with Google.

  • as you see in this website They offer you this link generator, you just have to enter your number and the message you want your contacts to receive when they enter through your whatsapp link.
  • You can also use shorteners like either tinyurl so that your link is shorter and easier for your customers to read.

  • You just have to put the url in the corresponding box and click on «Make TinyURL» to shorten it and make it work without errors.
  • An interesting bonus is hidelinkswhich also allows us to shorten WhatsApp links, put a password on themso that if we want, for example, to offer access to a course, we can send this direct link to our clients, sending them the password after making the payment.