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Facebook Dating to find a partner: what it is and how it works

Facebook It is one of the largest social networks that exist today, although until very recently it was only focused on creating bonds of friendship with people that we have crossed paths with at least once in our lives. However, in view of the success that the world of online dating has had, with highly successful platforms in this field such as OKCupid, Tinder, Badoo either bumbleFacebook has finally decided to make the leap to the networks of love, so since 2019 its platform of online dating call facebookdating.

What is Facebook Dating?

facebookdating is an online dating service that was launched so that Facebook users can find their better half through common interests and social groups, taking advantage of, of course, the huge Facebook database. How Facebook bought Instagram some time ago, needless to say, Facebook Dating allows share posts of Instagram on your dating profile, just like you can on Tinder or Hinge.

The approach of Facebook Dating is, in any case, to distance itself as much as possible from the Facebook mobile app, which is why a new profile must be created if we want to enter this dating space. On the other hand, facebookdating took care not to show who your Facebook friends are in your new profile, as well as giving you the possibility that no friend of your friend can see your profile (after all, not everyone wants to appear that they are “available”). Nor should we be surprised that the app can be configured so that a specific Facebook friend cannot see your profile.

Secret Crush – a novel tool

Another interesting tidbit is that you can add Facebook friends as well as Instagram followers to secret lists of «Secret Crush«. This «Secret Crush» option allows us to add up to 9 Facebook friends or Instagram followers to a secret list and, very much in the style of Tinder, if someone on that list is given a “crush” (or crush indication) and that person also gives a “crush” back, then only then does the app inform both of them that there is an interest in flirting with each other. Obviously if that person hasn’t created a list of Secret Crush or you have not created a Facebook Dating profile, you will never know anything. Of course, to add Instagram followers, you must connect your Instagram account to Facebook Dating; otherwise they will not appear.


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How to set up your profile on Facebook Dating

To find Facebook Dating you just have to open your Facebook app on your mobile and press the main menu, touching the three lines in the upper right corner to access it. Within all the options, you must find the one that says “Couples”, which is designated with a red heart.

Upon pressing it, you will be prompted to create a dating profile which, as we said before, is not related to your main Facebook profile.

Once inside, you will be asked to complete your personal information such as your name, your gender and the gender you want to know, city of origin, place where you studied, your height, religion, whether or not you have children, etc. Once the data is completed, Facebook will suggest you use a photo that is already on your Facebook profile.

Now you are ready to use the app! As we have already mentioned, Facebook Dating will not show your Facebook friends in the results, unless you want to include specific people from your contacts in the list of Secret Crush.

New additions to Facebook Dating

As of 2021, Facebook Dating has decided to go one step further in making it easier for Cupid’s arrow to touch as many hearts as possible, and has created 3 new applications that will make it easier to find the ideal person.

  1. Audio Dates It was launched in a way to allow people to create audio chats with matches. When you make the call, the system sends an invitation, and if the other person accepts, you can join the call. When making an audio call, the caller’s first name is displayed as well as their photo. Facebook profile.
  2. luckypick is a tool that finds compatible people who might fall outside of the typical matches of preferences and interests.
  3. MatchAnywhere allows people to add up to 2 additional locations within the country where they do the search for matches, being able to search for people as if they were virtually in another place. This can be useful for people who work remotely or who are located in a different work zone than usual, on a temporary basis. This is somewhat similar to the Tinder Passport option, which is paid.


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More privacy in your online dating

Unlike other apps, in facebookdating we have the advantage that, as the social network has many of our likes and activities on the platform, the search algorithm will only show us people related to our interests. In addition to this, it provides us with a security layer with these functions:

  • Allows you to choose who can send you direct messages, photos, videos or any other form of contact.
  • you can block whoever you want at any time.
  • none of your facebook contacts will know that you use the app, since this information is not shared.
  • no ads nor is the update Location of users in real time, so you can be sure that your messages will only be audited in the event of a serious complaint.

Why is Facebook Couples not showing up?

In case you ran to your page Facebook or you have tried to enter directly from your official Webyou may have noticed that it does not seem available, this may be due to several causes:

  • your version of facebookdating is outdated. try to go the Play Store/Apple Play and see if it lets you update to the latest version.
  • your country still not available to test the app. In this case, you just have to wait.